GOAT to donate to help homeless and battered women

Read on for an update on GOAT’s attempts to help this charity and others:

Space to Grow, an organization that helps women and children by donating to the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and its Women’s Residential and Counseling Center, will benefit from some of the ticket money from Greater Orlando Actors Theatre’s current production of Aida.

If you buy tickets for Aida online or at the box office and use these codes, Space to Grow will get a portion of your purchase price. Here’s the deal:

General admission tickets $18: Space to Grow will get $8 for the WRCC if you use the code LOVEGEN.

Senior or student tickets $15: Baskets of Love at the WRCC will receive $5 if you use the code LOVESS.

Performances continue through Feb. 13 at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center. For tickets, go to goatgroup.org.

Here’s more info from GOAT on its help for several nonprofits:

Greater Orlando Actors Theatre will donate part of the proceeds from the remaining performances of Aida to the Orlando International Fringe Festival, Emotions Dance, the Baldwin Park Rotary, the Coalition for the Homeless, and Baskets of Love.

Tickets are $18 for general admission and $15 for seniors and students. $8 from every general admission ticket and $5 from every senior or student ticket will be donated directly to the non-profit when tickets are purchased at regular price using a special code.

“Even though we are in tough economic times and every dollar is precious, we at GOAT recognize that many worthy causes are in the same situation we are,” says GOAT President Paul Castaneda. “As such, we stand committed to use our talents not only to entertain our patrons and further our mission, but also to help those worthwhile organizations in our community”.

Here are the following codes to use when purchasing tickets online, by phone or at the box office to support the charity of your choice:

Baldwin Park Rotary
ROTARY – general admission and student/senior tickets

Baskets of Love
LOVEGEN – general admission tickets
LOVESS  – student/senior tickets

Coalition for the Homeless
CHGEN – general admission tickets
CHSS – student/senior tickets

Emotions Dance
DANCEGEN – general admission tickets
DANCESS – student/senior tickets

Orlando International Fringe Festival
FRINGEGEN – general admission tickets
FRINGESS – student/senior tickets

Performances continue through February 13 in the Goldman Theatre at the John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center. For tickets, go to goatgroup.org or call 407-872-8451.

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  2. I love all this giving back that GOAT is doing!
    Good work!