Auditions: Online TV show

Here’s an audition notice from Michael Wanzie for an online TV show on stirfryTV:

Wanzie Presents stirfryTV LIVE!

stirfryTV is pleased to announce apprenticeship opportunities for two young adults to appear in an online TV show, which will be produced on a weekly basis in front of a live audience in the Footlight Theatre at the Parliament House Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Needed are one male and one female between 18 and 24 years of age.

Successful candidates must be:

  • Residents of Central Florida
  • Outgoing, personable, energetic, articulate, and opinionated
  • Comfortable in front of a camera
  • Comfortable on stage in front of an audience
  • Able to speak extemporaneously, in an engaging manor, about a wide range of topics
  • Comfortable with adult language, sexual innuendo, and adult topics
  • Currently engaged in social networking
  • Familiar with YouTube
  • Able to offer critiques (positive as well as negative) of selected video segments
  • Possess a personal style, flair, and/or confidence that is truly his or her own
  • Able to appear on a regular to semi-regular basis on stage at the Parliament House, a gay resort and nightclub complex

No one will be allowed to audition without legal photo identification.

Persons of all ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations are encouraged to audition.

Although the show is being presented at the Parliament House it is not a “gay” show but rather a show with universal appeal and a measurable gay quotient in that both permanent hosts are openly gay.  Stirfry TV is proactively seeking to assemble a diverse group of people to appear on the show.

Those auditioning should be prepared to stand on stage and address a panel – in an upbeat and entertaining manor – explaining exactly why he or she would be the perfect choice for the position (scripted monologues are discouraged) and to take place in a group discussion; a la The View.
Selected individuals will be asked to move on to the screen-test portion of the audition, which will be a question-and-answer segment; off-camera questions will be posed to the on-camera candidate who will direct his or her answers to the camera.

stirfryTV is seeking genuine people who are interesting and entertaining just by being themselves, rather than someone acting a part.

Pictures and resumes would be appreciated but are not required.

Previous on-camera experience a plus but is not required.

Substance of character, likability, and the ability to engage in robust debate will win out over previous experience.

Positions are non-paying, onstage/in front of camera, 3-month apprenticeships.

Successful candidates will be sharing the stage with stirfryTV’s River & Wanzie among others.

Performances begin Saturday evening March 12 and continue each Saturday thereafter.

11AM – 2PM & 5PM – 8PM
Saturday February 19, 2011
Footlight Theatre, The Parliament House, 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando

To schedule an audition candidates should email Michael Wanzie (no calls please) at

Please include in email:

  • Legal name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • YouTube Channel (if you have one)
  • And the hour during which you would most like to audition (Example:   Between 1PM & 2PM)
  • Please provide a second and third time slot choice as well.

Every effort will be made to accommodate you within the hour of your first choice request. Appointment times will be allocated in the order in which emails are received. You will receive a confirmation by reply email stating an exact appointment time.

You may view the 4½ minute highlights reel of our recently produced YouTour show at the Osceola Performing Arts Center:


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