In memoriam: Alice Byrd

Alice Byrd

I’m very sorry to have to report that Alice Byrd, the beloved longtime box-office manager and hostess at Orlando’s Mark Two Dinner Theater (and before that the Mark One in Lakeland), died last night.

I don’t have any details but will let you know when I do.

Alice was warm, gracious, funny and a big theater fan (and especially a Fringe fan). I’ll miss her.

16 responses to “In memoriam: Alice Byrd


    So sorry to hear this. How she remembered all of those special occasions, each night, and announced them without notes. She was a beautiful and gracious lady.

  2. Peter Rocchio

    Dear Alice was the brightest light to shine at the Mark Two – at the box office; her wit during the pre-show announcements and backstage where she calmed many a stormy sea with her always sunny personality.
    RIP dear lady.
    Peter Rocchio & Bill Baxter

  3. I am so sorry to hear this news. Alice was a wonderful person, and a dear friend in my Orlando days. She made the world a brighter place, and I will always hold a place in my heart for her.

  4. We will all miss you Alice……

  5. Heartbreaking. She was our Mama Hen, and she loved the actors at the Mark Two. What a lovely, loving woman. I’m very grateful to you for the heads up when she wasn’t doing well. I took that opportunity to call her and I’m so glad that I did. We were all so blessed to have known such a soul.

  6. steven scarpetti

    I am so sorry to hear this. She was a wonderful woman who always brought a smile to my face. I know she is in a better place and I am sure she is telling her famous jokes to the angels. God Bless you Alice and thank you for being a part of my life. Love, Steven

  7. A wonderful lady is now giving the pre-show welcome in Heaven’s theater. I worked with and for Alice in the Mark Two Box Office and always marveled at how she managed to resolve so many of the problems and how well she understood people. And the Magic never had a more loyal fan. My thoughts are with her daughter Tracy and her grandchildren who were always a big part of her life.

  8. Murray Rivette

    I only worked one show at the Mark II — “1776” — but I remember what a warm and gracious lady Alice was. She will always have a place in all our hearts.

  9. Craig Brockman

    Very sad news indeed. A loving woman. And a wonderful part of every single show at the theater. I don’t think anyone that saw a show at the Mark I or II could ever forget her…

  10. Janice Joseph

    Thank you, Alice, for many wonderful moments both at the theatre and outside. You will be remembered often and with great admiration. To her daughter Tracy I send love and prayers.

  11. Angela Angel

    It’s always so hard hearing of someone’s passing on Facebook.

    I’d known Alice since I was a goofy immature 19-yr-old. She was strong, sassy (like my own mom) and so loyal to Mark and Patrick with what they were creating in Central Florida, first in Bartow, then Lakeland then Orlando. She was loyal to her children and grandchildren and believed so strongly in family. I saw her in July at my mother-in-law’s funeral, her daughter Tracy, wheeling her around in a wheelchair, but even though Alice wasn’t standing .. she was the same. Smartass, funny, couldn’t remember a damn thing and LAUGHING …

    Her son Bobby passed away at such a young age and I find comfort, even though she’s been taken from us, knowing she’s with her boy now and with other theatre family … Mark and Rick and, as Patrick reminded me, Peter Menge.

  12. Gina Rubino

    I am so sad to hear this. I have such fond memories of Alice. I was so young, when I worked at the Mark II. I learned so much from Alice, and Mark, Patrick, and Jillian, among others. These are people who I have never forgotten, and think of often, because they all taught me lessons, that I now pass on to young performers. I am so fortunate, to have know Alice:)

  13. Frank Siano

    Alice was a very special lady. She was always helpful, loving and caring. I always enjoyed seeing her warm, smiling face.

    Life brings tears,
    smiles and memories.
    The tears dry,
    the smile fades,
    but the memories live on forever.

    Until we meet again, dear lady!

  14. katrina ploof

    In the chaos that was the original Mark One, in Lakeland, far back in the late 1970s I remember Alice as the one constant. Always a kind word, always a smile. She did have an uncanny ability to remember people’s special events and always seemed to genuinely enjoy interacting with the public. But the way I will always remember her is DURING the shows, when we would have entrances through that lobby of that crazy space, and we’d hurry and change our clothes so we could visit with her, before we went on. She was a real darling to all of us. Very special.

  15. Robert Dutton

    Alice Byrd knew about people like no one I’ve ever known. A lover of her fellow human, Alice seemed to sparkle from within. She knew what others wanted before they themselves wanted it.

    Definitely one of my favorite people, she will definitely be missed by many.

  16. Glenn & Joyce Petry

    Joyce and I had the fortune to have interfacing for the 8 years that we were season patrons at Mark Two while we lived in Orlando (are now back in Indy). We have continued to communicate for the last 14 years and the warmth of her personality is everlasting. Joyce had ongoing contacts with Alice and felt very close to her. Sure miss her comments regarding the calorie free desserts at Mark Two. One of my favorites thoughts could have easily have been originated by Alice … “Aspire to Inspire, Before you Expire.” See you up there, Alice! Glenn Petry