Fringe venue has new grassroots sponsors

Here’s a little item that put a smile on my face:

The new sponsors of the Fringe’s green venue this year are the three biggest Fringe fans I know: Myron Blattner, Ed Anthony and David Horgan.

Myron Blattner

Just about everyone who spends time at Fringe knows that these three guys see and enjoy more shows than anybody else. (They have me beat, and last year I saw 50-some.)

So apparently they’ve pooled their cash to support the Fringe. I love it. Thanks, guys.

(I wish I had pictures of David and Ed, but they’re shy. Look for them at the Fringe.)

5 responses to “Fringe venue has new grassroots sponsors


    “THANKS” Elizabeth.

  2. This is the most delightful thing I’ve heard in a while! Kudos to Dave, Ed and Myron!!

  3. The three Fringe-ka-teers.

  4. They are amazing!
    This year is so great with the sponsors we have stepping up that are from the community…including the artists themselves sponsoring the Beer Tent!
    This is how it should be!
    Much love and grattitude to Ed, Myron and David all of whom mean so much to Fringe and to me and George personally!


    Beth, thank you. We have decided to call ourselves —-

    “DEM” GUYS – “D”avid Horgan – “E”d Anthony – “M”yron Blattner – Fringe Fanatics.