Fringe promotes festival-related flash mob

Beth Marshall writes about a flash mob planned for May, as a way to promote the Fringe. The festival itself isn’t putting this one together, she says.

Sounds like fun, if it’s a real flash mob and it really surprises passersby. (I was a little surprised at one that took place at a shopping mall hereabouts, where it was performed on the mall stage. That’s not a flash mob — it’s just a performance.)

Anyway, here are the details from Beth:

Flash Mob to Promote the Fringe Festival! WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF THIS!

All That Jazz Events and Life Through Photography have teamed up to produce the first ever flash mob to promote the Orlando Fringe Festival!

You’ve probably seen a flash mob before either on TV or Youtube, or maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to participate in one. Whether you’ve always thought it would be fun to do, you’ve never heard of such a thing before, or you’re a flash mob junkie, here is your opportunity get involved in a flash mob dedicated to getting more patrons out to the Fringe Festival. If you are interested in getting involved join our group on Facebook “Flash Mob to Promote the Fringe Festival” to find out everything you will need to know to be part of Fringe Festival history!

The Flashmob will take place in early May in downtown Orlando with a few rehearsals leading up to the date.

If you are interested, please directly contact Toni Chandler at

Join the Orlando Fringe Flash Mob Group on FaceBook for more details…..


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