Mad Cow gathers swell cast for ‘Forum’

Have you all heard who’s in the cast for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, opening at Mad Cow June 3? It’s a pretty impressive bunch:

Pseudolus – Rick Stanley
Senex – Rod Cathey
Domina – Gail Bartell
Hero – Michael Mucciolo
Philia – Melissa Davis
Hysterium – Thomas Ouellette
Marcus Lycus – Tony Dietterick
Erronius – Danny Villnow
Miles Gloriosus – Stephan Jones
Panacea – Elizabeth Takacs
Vibrata – Kisha Peart
Gymnasia – Sara Catherine Barnes
Protean – Kevin Davis
Protean – Joshian Morales

Director – Katrina Ploof
Music Director – Robin Jensen
Choreographer – Kevin Davis
Stage Manager – Kent Altman

One response to “Mad Cow gathers swell cast for ‘Forum’

  1. Awesome cast!!! Can’t wait to see the show!