Tell our legislature what you think

Now’s the time — and I mean now — to tell your state legislators what you think about funding the arts. Listen to United Arts of Central Florida and the Florida Cultural Alliance:

This Is the Week That Counts! Help Secure Funds for State Arts & Cultural Grants.

Please take quick and easy action NOW by communicating with Florida legislative and budget leaders to accept the Senate’s position on the Division of Cultural Affairs’ grant-program line items. As it stands: $2 million for Cultural and Museum Grants and $500,000 for Culture Builds Florida/Specific Cultural Project Grants. The House currently recommends $1 million for Cultural and Museum Grants. The House, Senate, and Governor are in budget negotiations now to determine budget allocations.

By taking under two minutes to speak out, this will ensure our state’s legislative and budget leadership hears from thousands of people from throughout Florida on this issue. As of yesterday, approximately 433 advocates followed through – we KNOW there are more than 433 arts advocates who care and want the highest appropriation we can receive for these state arts and cultural grants.

This is the week that counts – please let your voice be heard! You do make a difference.

2 responses to “Tell our legislature what you think

  1. I beg everyone to speak up on this. If you are an arts leader … get the word out on your mail lists and have your Board of Directors do the same. If you are an artist, please understand how funding cuts will directly affect you and speak up. If you are a patron and want to see your arts orgs thriving … PLEASE DO THIS! Also spread the word to all!

  2. Darlene Stewart

    I have every hope that our voices have been heard. It is important that we speak out and let our government know that ARTS and CULTURE are important to this nation.