Are local theaters looking for directors?

A reader, George Jordan, writes in to find out if any local theaters are looking for guest directors.

So I’m asking: Are any local theaters looking for guest directors?

If you do use guest directors, it might be nice if you let me know, and I’ll pass the word along. Thanks!


4 responses to “Are local theaters looking for directors?

  1. mary beth finley

    I’d like to know the same! thanks

  2. John DiDonna

    I have always found the best way to learn that is to get involved with the theatres themselves! Introduce yourself! When I first came to town that is exactly what I did and it helped a lot to get familiar with what is all going on in town!

  3. Darlene Stewart

    And don’t forget that there are theaters in several close areas to Orlando that also use Guest Directors. 🙂