Fringe show needs accompanist

Here’s a message from Melanie Gall about her show My Pal Izzy:


The Orlando Fringe show is  My Pal Izzy.  It is about the early life and music of Irving Berlin.  The music is all Irving Berlin music.  It is not difficult to play, if one is comfortable with jazzy/ragtime styles.  There are 12 songs, and the show is just under 60 minutes. The pay is $50 a show.

The schedule is:
Thu, May 19 – 6:00pm
Sat, May 21 – 1:30pm
Sun, May 22 – 7:40pm
Mon, May 23 – 10:30pm
Tue, May 24 – 9:05pm
Thu, May 26 – 5:45pm
Sun, May 29 – 2:40pm

The tech rehearsal is: Tues 5/17, 6-11 PM.  I’d love to rehearse earlier that day, too.  I’m arriving from the UK the night before, so I need someone who can learn the songs and be comfortable with them before I get there, and who works well with singers.

Interested parties contact

4 responses to “Fringe show needs accompanist

  1. Just found out that the talent Don Hopkinson has gotten this gig!