Local writer needs audience and actors for new-play reading

Here’s a request from local playwright Carol Rose Offutt:

I would like to invite theater enthusiasts to participate in a reading of my play, Distant Runway Lights, a military romance set in the 1940s.

Along with participants, I would like audience members to give a critique of the play and participate in a discussion of the play at the conclusion of the reading.

If you are interested in participating and/or attending, please feel free to contact me at rose8220@cfl.rr.com. Please mention Play Reading in the subject line. Additionally, please let me know what evening of the week would best suit your schedule.

We will be sure to have a fun evening!

Thank you.
Carol Rose Offutt

Four main characters:

  • Bill is a young man from New Orleans and is the pilot of a B-17 bomber during WWII.
  • Margaret is a young woman from western Pennsylvania and becomes a pen pal to Bill.
  • Fred is Margaret’s brother and is radio navigator on Bill’s B-17.
  • Mom is the mother of Margaret and Fred.

Other small bits and voices include:

  • Men’s voices:  co-pilot, bombardier, gunner, tail gunner, man in the tower, postman (The same men will serve as extras in other scenes)
  • Bill’s mother’s voice
  • Two young women speaking and extras.

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