Theater auditions: ‘Suddenly Seniors’

Here’s an audition notice from the producers of Suddenly Seniors the Musical:

Open auditions for Suddenly Seniors The Musical
Actors/Singers/Dancers over 40 years of age

Paid performances, performance dates and location to be announced.
Both Equity and Non-Equity roles are available.
Audition/Due Date:   6/6 & 6/7/2011
Times:  11 a.m. to 6 p.m. by appointment

The Plaza Live, Main Theatre, 425 N. Bumby Ave., Orlando, FL 32803
Contact Email:
Performance Dates: TBA
Performance Location:TBA

Suddenly Seniors The Musical, LLC is holding auditions for the original, musical comedy Suddenly Seniors the Musical. Interested performers are asked to submit head shot and bio with an appointment request to

Open auditions will be scheduled by appointment. Actors will be asked to prepare a vocal arrangement of their own choosing, which may be performed a cappella or with pre-recorded tracks provided by the performer. A second vocal number from the production is required and will be provided in advance by the casting director. Audition breakdown, character descriptions, sides, sheet music, and tracks will be provided when audition appointment is scheduled. All roles are available and include the following characters:

Female Roles:

  • Margaret Welch– Female, 50+, Caucasian, city dweller and stage performer all her life, stylish and refined, grandmother of one, single, newly retired Broadway starlet who is not completely sure of where she fits into the senior world.
  • Katie Martin–Female, 50+, Caucasian, free spirit and independent, blue-collar roots, Irish ancestry, single, an anti-establishment mindset with a well-educated, corporate ladder climbing executive history, she’s an aging hippie at heart, with a get it done attitude, she’s the friend you can depend on without ever having to ask.
  • Georgia Jones– Female, 50+, African-American, roots in the deep south, charismatic and exuberant, evangelical, she’s nurturing and maternal, warm and embracing personality, charming and hospitable, married to Charles but they are emotionally disconnected but Georgia’s determined to melt his hardened heart and reignite their romance.

Male Roles:

  • Sandy Swift– Male, 50+, Caucasian, a former itinerant surfer, casual relaxed style, confirmed bachelor, fit and attractive with the exception of a bum leg that requires a cane, inherited ownership of Sunny Vistas, which has resulted in the first emotional investments and permanent home in his lifetime. He’s ill-equipped for the financial and business responsibilities thrust upon him. He’s kept up the pretense that he’s successfully assumed the entrepreneurial role of his deceased parents but is increasingly uncomfortable in his skin, incapable of being the hero the residents think he is.
  • Fernando Rodrigues– Male, 50+, gay designer, upbeat and self-indulgent, effervescent and energetic, a friend to all, patriotic and passionate.
  • Anthony Ferrari– Male, 50+, Italian, silver fox, widowed, a deal maker, a crooner in the style of Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, or Sinatra, a positive and inspirational attitude that charms straight to the heart.
  • Charles Jones– Male, 50+, African-American, roots in the deep south, college-educated, Vietnam vet, guarded and reserved, married to the love of his life, Georgia, but can’t seem to find the courage to ignite the flame still burning in his heart for her.

Minimum age for all roles is 40. All roles require singing and dancing.

The play is an original, musical comedy based on a concept by Alexander Caputo, written by Karen Helenthal, with a mix of pop music favorites and original music written by Glen Gettings, and directed by Mark Huffman.


The Older Generation? …Not by a long shot.

Passed their Prime? …Hardly.

Lost in a sea of technology and rap music? …Think again!

Today’s seniors are the NOW GENERATION, carving a new path for themselves with wisdom, wit, and spunk!

Suddenly Seniors is a New Musical Comedy about turning vintage into advantage and will have you laughing, cheering and singing along, leaving you more than ready to embrace the senior in you.

Have you ever wondered where all the time has gone? Wondered about all those things you were going to do? Felt a little lost in a world that is changing at the speed of light and has the music playing too loud?

Hard to believe but you are a senior now and, although reading glasses are a must, practical shoes feel really good on your aching feet, and daily medication is part of your routine, you have a decision to make: will you deny or embrace this time in your life?

This is exactly the crossroad in life where we meet Margaret. A new resident at the retirement community, Sunny Vistas, Margaret feels a bit passed her prime and disconnected from her world but she will soon discover that she’s got a lot of living left to do and the gang at Sunny Vistas is ready to join her in her quest.

Sunny Vistas, home to this group of fun-loving, zany individuals, is in financial trouble and needs saving. All are ready to lend their skills and determination to save a way of life. In the process, they’ll discover hidden talents and realize long forgotten dreams; and most important, they’ll be reminded that there is much more to be gained in their lives from friendship, love, and acceptance.

This group of baby boomers tackles this challenge with a team spirit most haven’t used in decades. They work together to put on a money-making, show-stopping performance to save Sunny Vistas and quickly learn that there is no substitute for experience and…

They’re not done yet!


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