What’s new at Fringe? Another flash mob

So you’re sitting around at the Fringe beer tent and feeling a little understimulated.

Maybe that’s not possible, but Dandelion CommuniTea Cafe’s Julie Norris has an answer for you anyhow — a flash mob planned for the lawn in Loch Haven Park Saturday afternoon.

I keep thinking flash mobs should be a surprise, but I guess you have to get participants somehow. So here’s the word from Julie and a link to the Big Big Big Hug website:

Who? You. And Him. And Her. And Your Crush. And Your Sisters Kid. And (we hope) Beth Marshall. Maybe Brian Feldman. Pretty sure Sandra Diaz will show up. Of course, Julie Norris wouldn’t miss this. Mrs Anna McCambridge-Thomas rsvp’d. So did Leah and June and Amaresh and Patti and Ale and Alex and a lot more people. Thomas Thorspecken said yes to hugs too. Might as well invite your friends and make it a party. We hope Katie Ball will be there if she hasn’t skipped town yet, because we want to hug her a lot. Maya will be there too, she gives *the best* hugs ever. My fingers are crossed that Cutie Pie shows up too.

What? A big big big hug otherwise known as a bear hug or group hug or a tight squeeze or an embrace. Basically a bunch of random but certainly *amazing* people coming together to hug one another.

When? Saturday, May 28 at 6pm

Where? Loch Haven Park in Orlando during the Fringe Festival

Why? just because…

How? Politely, lovingly, playfully, sincerely, tightly, softly, deeply, briefly, respectfully. One on one. By the dozen. All together. Leaping encouraged. High fives welcome.

Hugging is free.


2 responses to “What’s new at Fringe? Another flash mob

  1. Terry Olson

    I too get frustated at local mob performances that are called flash mobs when most of the people observing them are actually in that spot in order to see the mob performance.

    We don’t have big train stations with lots of people or some of the other great civic gathering places of the early flash mobs, but surprise can be accomplished if we try hard enough.

    • We do have malls, and we do have Church Street Plaza (do they still call it that?), and we do have the Green Lawn of Fabulousness — if only people would gather their mob without telling every actor on Facebook.

      But, in defense of Julie, this isn’t really a flash mob — it’s just a big old group hug. Not a bad idea, if there’s a breeze.