Wednesday’s news from the Fringe

Fringe is in full swing, with what seem like hordes of theatergoers descending on Loch Haven Park every night. So here’s a compendium of Fringe news from the festival’s George Wallace, beginning with a list of shows that have had sold-out performances. If you’re planning to go to one of these shows, or any other, get your tickets early! They’re available online or at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center and Orlando Repertory Theatre in Loch Haven Park.

Here’s George:

Sold-out shows!

Opening weekend of Fringe 20 has record-breaking ticket sales. We are thrilled to report that we have sold over 4,000 more tickets to Fringe shows in opening weekend than by this time in 2010. Several of our Fringe shows sold out during the first 4 days of performances. Others had full houses and came very close!

Don’t risk your show being sold out. Get your tickets now at

Sold-Out shows consists of full houses based on full capacity of ticket being purchased, not comped.

Here is a compiled list of all shows that sold out between May 19-23:

  • Captain Discovery: The Edible Musical (4 shows,) Jamie Mykins Theater. (How many people can we fit into 1 closet?)
  • Dog Powered Robot, Green Venue (2 shows)
  • Dr. WHOse Line is It Anyway, Patrons’ Room (2 shows)
  • My Monster, Blue Venue (2 shows)
  • onomatopoeia, Red Venue
  • Blue and Tod Kimbro’s Big Queer Hootenany, Green Venue
  • Lots o’ Shakespeare, Red Venue
  • Humor Mill Presents: The War On Terriers, Red Venue
  • Bitches of the Kingdom!, Orange Venue

And here’s a whole lot of other Fringe news:

Master Yearbook/Program correction:

There is NO show of More Skits n’ Giggles on Sat, May 28 at noon as listed in the program daily show schedule page. Their final performance is Sunday, May 29 at noon.

Talk art, buy art!

More than 20 pieces have already sold.  That masterpiece (that will look really swell in your living room) can be found in the lobby and the Patrons’ Room of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

Opening of Visual Fringe has been a huge success selling more art than ever before in the first 5 days of the Festival.  As of Sun. May 22, Visual Fringe has sold 20 pieces of art.

*Note: Due to the performances going on in the Patrons Room during the Festival, the best nights to enjoy the Patrons Room Visual Fringe Art Gallery are:

  • Wednesday 5/25 gallery viewing is from 7:45 pm-midnight
  • Friday 5/27 from 11 pm – midnight
  • Saturday 5/28 from 10 am-1:30 pm and 6 pm-8:30 pm
  • Sunday, 5/29 from 10-11:30 am and 5:40 pm-midnight

To aid in the potential for art sales, we have added a new table just outside the  Patrons’ Room so that people can still purchase art at anytime. Checks, credit cards and cash are accepted.

Here is a compiled list of all visual artists and artwork sold at this time:

  1. Bliss by Lisa Ikegami
  2. Streetcar in New Orleans by Kristen Wheeler
  3. Eddison Floral by Marjie Labriola
  4. Fork of the Future by David Kelley
  5. Raziel (Keeper of Secrets) by Ralph Verano
  6. Alice in Wonderland by Sarah Ikegami
  7. Fathom by Lisa Dunlop
  8. Vision of Red Trees by Ruth Garry
  9. Lilly Lines by Marjie Labriola
  10. Hippo Jar by Doug Bringle
  11. Motivation for Life by Bonnie Sprung
  12. Drone by Heath Sterling
  13. Smiley People by Carl Knickerbocker
  14. Bethany by Tracy Burke
  15. Silicone Nature by Thomas Cook
  16. 3 Palms by Theresa Rogers
  17. Cascading by Luciana Nogeira
  18. Vulpine Vine by Anna McCambridge-Thomas
  19. Spiral Staircase by Melissa Hudson
  20. Warthog Jar by Doug Bringle
  21. Serpentine Fork by David Kelley
  22. Verdun #2 by Tracy Burke
  23. Happy Cupcake by Jennine Faubel

Friends of the Fringe

Please make sure you stop by the lower-lobby inside the Lowndes Shakespeare Center and sign up to be a Friend of the Fringe.  Donations are tax-deductible and you can look around you and feel the energy, see the sights and know that your money is going to support the most unique cultural event in Orlando!

And … The Friends of the Fringe table is the ONLY place you can purchase the limited-edition Hard Rock Pins.  We have less than 100 left!

Free beer and hugs!

Every year Dandelion Tea offers Fringe-goers with a FREE BEER with any purchase. Just flash your Fringe button and we’ll hook you up with something local and organic on tap from Orlando Brewing. Our way support those that support the Arts!

This year they are also proud to sponsor a Big Big Big Hug on Saturday, May 28 at 6 pm at Loch Haven Park. An event where you show up to squeeze and be squeezed along with Orlando’s finest folks. We hope to squeeze you there!

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