Fringe announces another Patrons’ Pick (and a lot of sell-outs)

David Lee’s Thom Pain (based on nothing), by playwright Will Eno, has been added to the Patrons’ Pick shows at the Orlando Fringe. It will have an additional performance at 3:45 p.m. Monday May 30 in the yellow venue (the Goldman Theater).

Also, congrats to all the folks who made possible shows with sell-out crowds:

  • Anne Frank Superstar & The Purpose of The Moon (1)
  • Bitches of the Kingdom!  (5)
  • Blue and Tod Kimbro’s Big Queer Hootenanny  (1)
  • Doctor WHOse Line is it Anyway? (4 )
  • Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future (4 )
  • The Humor Mill Orlando Presents … The War on Terriers  (1 )
  • Lot o’ Shakespeare  (1)
  • My Monster  (5 )
  • Onomatopoeia  (4 )
  • Robby Pigott Tries Something New (1 )

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