Fringe plans Sunday-night graduation party

Fringe is still in full swing on its final weekend, but the Sunday-night “graduation party” — the awards show — is rapidly approaching.

(Note: While the event is free and open to the public, it’s aimed at Fringe performers and volunteers.)

Here are details from the Fringe on what’s in store:

What: 2011 Fringe High Graduation Party/Fabby Awards Ceremony
When: Sunday, May 29,  10 pm
Where: Outdoor Stage/Green Lawn of Fabulousness, Loch Haven Park
Time: 10 pm
Cost: FREE

Note: While this event is open to the public, it is largely a Fringe artist/staff cast party, hosted by Beth Marshall & Pepe w/ special appearances by Fringe High Cheerleaders.

Line up:

Reprise of 20-year slide show

  • Sold-Out Fabbys
  • Fringe Crush Fabby (A.K.A. Best Looking)
  • Mary Lou Rucker Volunteer Excellence Fabby (A.K.A. Most Helpful)
  • Kids’ Fringe Fabby (A.K.A. Most Energetic)
  • Visual Fringe Fabby (A.K.A. Most Artistic)
  • Fringe of the Fringe Fabby (A.K.A. Most Likely to do Anything)
  • Faggy Fabby
  • Adrianne Blattner Fringe Fanatic Fabby (A.K.A. Most Supportive)
  • The Naked Fabby (A.K.A. Most Likely to?)
  • The Marketing Fabby
  • Tech Fabby
  • Spirit of the Fringe (A.K.A. Most School Spirit)
  • “DEM” Guys Award
  • Patrons’ Picks (recognizing top ticket-sellers in each venue)
  •  Most Overall Tickets Sold (A.K.A. Most Popular)
  • Newbie Producer’s Fabby (A.K.A. Salutatorian)
  • Producer’s Fabby (A.K.A. Valedictorian)

Immediately following the Fabbys is TheDailyCity.Com‘s Audience Choice Awards.

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