Theater auditions: Playwrights’ Round Table’s ‘Summer Shorts’

Here’s an audition notice from Playwrights’ Round Table:

Playwrights’ Round Table Announces Auditions for Summer Shorts 2011

Playwrights’ Round Table will hold auditions for its production of Summer Shorts 2011, on Saturday, June 4 from 3 pm to 5 pm, and Sunday, June 5 from 1 pm to 5 pm, at the Seminole County Library (215 N. Oxford Road, Casselberry).

Needed are up to 15 male and female actors of various ages and types for roles in ten-minute plays. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume, and be prepared to cold read from the scripts. All roles are non-paid.

Launch 2011 will be performed in Studio B of the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center (812 E. Rollins Street, Orlando) on the following dates: July 21-24 and July 27-31, 2011. Rehearsal schedules will be at the discretion of the individual show directors. For more information please contact us at or (407) 761-2683.

Play and character information:

A Bucketful of Gold by Penny Jackson, directed by Sylvia Vicciullo.

  • Richie, male, 40s-50s, a paramedic, from Staten Island.
  • Margo, female, 20s, a soon-to-be bride, from South Carolina.

Bath Time is Fun Time! by Arthur Jolly, directed by Jonathan Jiminez.

  • Rubber Duckie, any age or gender, a bit of a blowhard.
  • Sponge, any age or gender, flighty, a follower.
  • Washcloth, any age or gender, smaller than the others, childlike.
  • Submarine, any age or gender, traumatized but more spiritually aware than the others.

The Interview by Charles R. Dent, directed by David Strauss.

  • Johanna, female, 30s, attractive businesswoman, professional.
  • Harold, male, 20s, just out of college, looking to make his mark on the business world.

It’s Really Dark Here by Ryan Bernier, directed by Heather Lam.

  • Camille, female, 16-18, mentally unbalanced.
  • Sara, female, 18-25, Camille’s older sister who seems to have everything put together.
  • Helen, female, 30s-40s, the mother of the two sisters.
  • Amanda, female, 18-25, Sara’s good friend.

Mime Readers by Stephen J. Miller, directed by Christian Read.

  • Bungles (Brian), male, 20s-30s, a sarcastic, passive-aggressive mime who might just be a brilliant performer.

Your Daddy’s Ride by Nancy Andrews, directed by Kristen Dewey.

  • Eldonna, female, 18-25, a car fanatic. Latino actor preferred.
  • Ben, male, 18-25, from a wealthy family, entitled.

NOTE: Some roles and plays not listed above have already been cast.

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