From the Fringe: (Almost) final count of sold-out shows

From Fringe producing artistic director Beth Marshall, her count of the Fringe’s sold-out shows (missing some of the Patrons’ Pick shows that may sell out today but haven’t yet). Congrats to all involved!:

Anne Frank Superstar & The Purpose of the Moon, 1
Bitches of the Kingdom, 5
Blue and Tod’s Big Queer Hootenanny, 1
Cabaret Noir, 1
Doctor WHOse Line is it Anyway?, 5
Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, 4
Don’t Make Fun of Jesus, 1
The Humor Mill Orlando Presents … The War on Terriers 2
I’m Just Not That Gay, 1
Lot o’ Shakespeare, 2
My Monster, 6
Onomatopoeia, 5
Robby Pigott Tries Something New, 1
Sucker, a Freaky Little Musical,s 1
Trash Cinema 101, 1

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