Visual Fringe sells a bunch of artwork

Congratulations to Anna McCambridge-Thomas, who is bowing out after nine years as the head of the Visual Fringe. Here’s a list of the 31 pieces of art sold through this year’s Visual Fringe — about a fourth of all it had on display:

1. Bliss by Lisa Ikegami
2. Streetcar in New Orleans by Kristen Wheeler
3. Eddison Floral by Marjie Labriola
4. Fork of the Future by David Kelley
5. Raziel (Keeper of Secrets) by Ralph Verano
6. Alice in Wonderland by Sarah Ikegami
7. Fathom by Lisa Dunlop
8. Vision of the Red Trees by Ruth Garry
9. Lilly Lines by Kari Sardone
10. Hippo Jar by Doug Bringle
11. Motivation for Life by Bonnie Sprung
12. Drone by Heath Sterling
13. Smiley People by Carl Knickerbocker
14. Bethany by Tracy Burke
15. Silicone Nature by Thomas Cook
16. 3 Palms by Theresa Rogers
17. Cascading by Luciana Nogeira
18. Vulpine Vine by Anna McCambridge-Thomas
19. Spiral Staircase by Melissa Hudson
20. Warthog Jar by Doug Bringle
21. Happy Cupcake by Jennine Faubel
22. Serpentine Fork by David Kelley
23. Verdun #2 by Tracy Burke
24. Human Slug by Rob Davis
25. Possession by Lisa Dunlop
26. Audrey Hepburn by Lladnar
27. Last Night by Ruth Garry
28. Felis by Maryann Murphy
29. In a Minute by Bethany Myers
30. Serendipity by Lisa Ikegami
31. Shanghai Suite 1 by Paul Martin

One response to “Visual Fringe sells a bunch of artwork

  1. Thank you, Betsey. We’ve just added one more to make it 32.
    Neon Boneyard by Byron Faudie

    It’s been such a pleasure working for the artists. One of my favorite things (and goals) was to see visual artists and performing artists cross over to each other’s genre and step out of their respective comfort zones. I feel that bringing the Visual Fringe into the Shakespeare building with the rest of the Fringe (thank you, Beth Marshall) really helped facilitate that, and I hope to see that continue into the future. I’m suggesting someone amazing as my replacement, so the transition can be smooth. Thanks again for all that you do, Betsey!