Another good year for Fringe, by the numbers

Orlando’s Fringe Festival sold more than 2,200 show tickets than it did in 2010, producing artistic director Beth Marshall announced today. The numbers of tickets sold — 20,139  — was almost equal to the number sold in 2008, still the biggest year for the Fringe.

The festival also comped 3,331 tickets (not including comps for Fringe artists and volunteers), so total tickets distributed added up to 23,470.

Performing artists received $190,153 from the money taken in at the box office. In addition, artists in the Visual Fringe received $3562.96, for a total distributed to artists of $193,715.96.

The festival also took in about $4,000 in various fundraisers, including Fringe Abridged, the Fringe Gala, Tip the Fringe and the Poetry Vending Machine.

Marshall estimated that total attendance this year — at indoor shows, outdoor shows, Kids’ Fringe and Visual Fringe — was about 25,000, similar to numbers in the past few years.

One response to “Another good year for Fringe, by the numbers

  1. In a few days or so, I am sure George will have more numbers for you regarding merchandise, beer tent and overall Fest. Thank you, Betsey for you wonderful coverage of the Festival and your support of the arts! xo