Auditions: Casting call for web serial

Here’s an announcement of a casting call for a web project needing actors good with Elizabethan English:

Casting Call for  The Aegeans

NOTE: Experience with Shakespearean theater and/or general Elizabethan English a must for all lead and speaking roles.

WHAT: Pilot episode for serial web series concerning supernatural mysteries in a 17th-century Puritan village.  D.W. Griffith and Shakespeare meet Twin Peaks.

WHEN: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,  sides will be provided upon scheduling of appointment. Please contact the Producer through email:  to schedule your appointment.  Production scheduled for the first two weeks of August 2011.

REMEMBER: Please provide a copy of attached headshot/resume through email.



  • Priscilla:  Female – 15-17 – Outward innocence with hidden secrets.  Good with tragedy/high drama.  Younger sister of Jane.  Fair complexion.  [Actual Sisters Welcome]
  • Jane:  Female – 16-18. Ideal of honesty, prudence, and patience. Older sister of Priscilla. [Actual Sisters Welcome] Fair complexion.
  • Minister Thatcher:  Male – Late 30’s-50’s. Authoritarian, intimidating, yet not without compassion.  Father of Priscilla and Jane.
  • William Phips:  Male – Late 30’s-50’s. High Strung. Good with comedy
  • Grandmother Thatcher: Female – 50s-80s.  Elderly. Sick and Frail.  Good with high drama.


  • Mrs. Phips:  Female –  30s-50s.  Sick and frail.  Wife of William Phips.  Good with high drama.
  • Joseph:  Male –  20s-40s – African American servant.  Good with comedy.
  • John:  Male – 20s-40s – African American Servant.


  • Elderly man with long beard.  Actual beard preferred.
  • Pregnant woman – 20s-40s.  Real pregnancies only please.  No strenuous activity required.
  • Ghostly woman – 20s-50s.
  • Boy – 8 – 10.
  • Elderly man and wife.  50s-80s.   Real married couple preferred.

Also casting for 20-30 background extras of various ages, genders, and races.


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