Auditions for web-based serial:

Here’s an audition notice for a web-based serial:

Name: Contona Thomas (or Valerie Gamble)


Message: Urgent Casting call for upcoming Webisodes!

Currently casting for non-union webisodes featuring 4 female leads and attractive supporting males.

All ethnicities will be considered.

If interested please:

1) Read character breakdown.

2) Email us your headshot and resume.

3) Put in the subject line of your email the name of the character you would like to audition for.

We will then contact you with further audition information. Auditions will be held by appointment only.


Character Breakdown:

  1. Angela—African American Female Age range 25-30. She is the shy one in the group. She is simple and plain in nature. She is cute but slim and nothing really stands out about her. She is also the most intelligent one. She doesn’t speak much but when she does the entire listen either in amazement or in disbelief.
  2. Michelle—African American Female Age range 27-35. She is gorgeous, long weave and light skinned. She knows exactly what type of man she wants from height, weight, color, education and will not settle for less. Most uppity one in the group.
  3. Tracy—African American Female Age range 27-35. She’s a beautiful, dark chocolate female who wears extension as well. She’s much like Michelle where she knows what she wants and will not compromise when it comes to men. She is closet to Michelle in the group.
  4. Karen—Mixed with African-American Age range 27-35. She’s outgoing and fun to be around. Although she is mixed she only wants a black man and the other girls tease her about dating her other side, but she is not having it.
  5. Monica—African American Female Age range 27-35—She is the most fashionable one in the group. She’s the wig queen. She changes them as often as she changes her panties. She is very articulate but will get ghetto in two seconds without hesitation. She is known for embarrassing her girlfriends when they are out. She keeps a calendar on the refrigerator of her last sexual encounter and all her girlfriends know and she is not ashamed to tell them at any given moment.
  6. Booker—African American Male, age range 40-50—He’s your stereotypical “Mack Daddy” type from the 80’s. Someone that would wear an all bright red suit with a red pimp had and red shoes.
  7. Brian—Any ethnicity male, age range 30-40. Average Joe, but very artsy looking.
  8. Chad—Any ethnicity male, age range 25-35. Very handsome and clean-cut with a beautiful smile.
  9. Curtis—African American Male, age range 24-40. No taller than 5’3” and slender build.
  10. Event Host—Any Ethnicity and any gender. Age range 30-40. Lively and Fun and very articulate.
  11. Greg—African American male, age range 25-40. Dark and handsome guy at least 6’ 3″ tall.
  12. Michael—African American male, age range 25-40, average Joe.
  13. James—African American male, age range 25-35, Nerdy guy with glasses.
  14. Limo Driver—Black Male preferable Jamaican or Haitian accent, age range 40-50. Average Joe.
  15. Nick—Any ethnicity, male, age range 25-30. Very handsome with nice body build.
  16. Receptionist-Any ethnicity, any gender, age range 18-23.
  17. Therapist—African American Female 40-60 years old. Very professional and articulate.

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