Time for a theater potluck

Has it been almost a year since the last theater-community potluck? Yes, it has, and it’s well past time for us to get together one again.

So put on your high-heeled sneakers, bring something to eat and join us at 7:30 p.m. Sunday July 24 at the Abbey, the new theater space in the Sanctuary condo building at 100 S. Eola Drive, just one block south of Lake Eola.

The Sanctuary

Florida Theatrical Association’s Ron Legler is hosting us there, and he promises a tour of the new theater space, along with plenty of time to eat, drink and schmooze.

If you’re part of the theater community, you’re welcome to come (and it would help if you RSVP by saying you’re coming on this web post and also saying what you’ll bring). Just bring a covered dish to share. There will be wine, beer and soft drinks available at the Abbey.

Questions? Ask ’em here, or get in touch with me or John DiDonna. See you at the Abbey on July 24.

16 responses to “Time for a theater potluck

  1. As for parking: There are several parking garages in the neighborhood, including the one at Thornton Park Central (enter on North Eola Drive, just north of Central Boulevard) and the one behind the Publix at 400 E. Central. Or park on the street.

  2. Since we missed the last one, I think it’s mandatory to hit this one. The bringing is a mystery at this point.

  3. Lisa Leonard

    I’m planning on coming to this. Sounds like fun. Will bring a dessert of some kind.

  4. I will be there! Bringing Mexican Dip!

  5. Terry Olson

    Bummer. That’s the weekend of my high school reunion. I’ve never made one and I am trying to get home (to Alaska) on a standby pass for this one. If I’m not at the opposite end of the continent, I’ll be at the Abby!


    Sorry to miss it. I will be in Chicago.

  7. yetta bennett

    hi this is yetta bennett

    i would love to attend will bring a covered dish

    any suggestions or make my own choice

  8. Kathy Godfrey

    Biff and I will try to make this one. Will bring some kind of veggie cassarole. All we have to do is ride the elevator down

  9. Mimi P. Saunders & Roger Scott

    I think we’ll just have to cancel our “round the world cruise.” This if far more exciting than hurling over the side of a ship. How does chilled “Rosemary Summer Salad” sound ??? I do believe belive that’s what we’ll bring. If you are in need of anything else or have suggestions, send me a message.
    Love ya,
    Meems and Roger

  10. Stephen J. Miller

    EM, I *love* that you used a photo from Babette’s Feast! LOL!

    I will try to make it, but that’s the weekend my kitchen gets a new floor. I may borrow a neighbor’s kitchen and whip up something simple, in that case. I’ll know more later.

  11. Fred Berning

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  12. Priscilla Rose

    There will be two of us attending. They you for your help in arranging this. Looking forward to this. Will be a fresh fruit salad.
    Priscilla Rose