Theater auditions: Renegade’s ‘Oedipus for Kids!’

Here’s an audition notice from Renegade Theater:

Audition Notice:  Oedipus for Kids!

Renegade Theater, Inc. is seeking performers for their musical comedy to be presented as a late night show in September.  There will be only four performances that will take place at 11pm immediately following Breakthrough’s 12 Angry Men. Show dates will be Sept 9-10 & 16-17. All roles are unpaid.

Director: Tara Corless

Musical Director: Eric Levine

Audition times are:

Saturday 7/9 at 3-6 PM

Sunday 7/10 at 6-10 PM

Roles available (must look to be in their 20s-late 30s):

  • Alistair, M
  • Catalina, F
  • Evan, M

Please prepare 16-32 Bars of an up-tempo song and be prepared for cold-readings from the script. Please bring a CD for accompaniment or sing a cappella. No appointments are necessary. Please bring a picture & resume. If you cannot come to auditions this weekend, and would like to schedule a separate audition, please email Tara Corless at

Auditions to take place at Breakthrough Theater, 421 West Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 920-4034

Please note: this play is not for young audiences.


The show Oedipus for Kids! turns the audience into attendees of the latest performance of the Fuzzy Duck Theatre Company, a three-person troupe dedicated to performing the classics for children. Having had success with previous offerings such as Uncle Tommy’s Cabin, company founder Alistair has decided that the next logical step is tackling Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex with songs such as “What’s It Like When Ya Get The Plague?” and “A Little Complex.” But all is not as pleasant as it seems with the Fuzzy Ducks: Alistair is in the middle of a bitter divorce with troupe member Catalina, who suspects something is up when she learns that tonight’s audience includes the executives from sponsor Beanz! Coffee for Kids. Evan, the third troupe member, is a newly trained recent hire with questionable acting methods. He uses these to play Oeddy, “a little boy a lot like you,” who runs away from home when he finds out that he is destined to do something terrible to his Mommy and Daddy.

On his journey, he meets a shady Baklava dealer named King Laius, a magical mythological coffee-drinking puppet named Sphinxy, and the Theban Queen, Jocasta, who wants to marry him regardless of their disproportionate age difference. While King Oedipus tries to solve the exciting mystery of who murdered the former king, the off-stage disagreements between the cast members spill onstage. The three insult each other, inflict flesh wounds, and fornicate during intermission. When Catalina learns that her ex-husband has bought her share in the Fuzzy Ducks only to sell it to Beanz! Coffee for ten times net value, Catalina decides to sabotage the production. What was once a misguided — albeit educational — theatrical experience swiftly spirals into a Charybdis-like whirlpool of suck, and Catalina’s revenge leads to a darkly comic denouement. Please note: this play is not for young audiences.


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