The show must go on

Selena Ayumi Bass and Roger Floyd in 'Rashomon' (photo by Tom Hurst/Mad Cow Theatre)

Congratulations to the cast of Mad Cow’s Rashomon, director Michael Marinaccio and especially actors Ryan Gigliotti and Mark Edward Smith for showing what theater people can be made of.

Wednesday, when actor Roger Floyd had to bow out of playing the

Ryan Gigliotti

Bandit — which is basically the lead role in Rashomon — because of injuries he apparently incurred during rehearsals, the rest of the cast went into high gear.

With 36 hours to prepare, Gigliotti, who was playing the Samurai, began memorizing Floyd’s role, while Mark Edward Smith (who wasn’t even part of the cast to begin with)  stepped in to take over Gigliotti’s.

The two took on their new roles, lines and blocking and all,  in front of Thursday night’s audience. And as far as I could tell (Jay and I happened to be there) they knew

Mark Edward Smith with Marty Stonerock in this season's 'Circle Mirror Transformation' (photo by Tom Hurst/Mad Cow Theatre)

what they were supposed to be doing backwards and forwards and inside out.

So a big hand for understudies (and people who didn’t even know they were going to be understudies until the proverbial whatever hit the fan).

My sympathies to Roger Floyd, and my congratulations to theater people everywhere who do what needs to be done.

3 responses to “The show must go on

  1. Elizabeth Dean

    I’m so please to see you write about this! This IS an exceptional moment and one of the truly amazing things about live theatre. You just never know what will happen. But especially for celebrating the soul of a person, the actor who will put themselves knowingly, willingly, into one of the most terrifying situations for the greater good. Congrats to all!

  2. Val Gamble

    Wow! I saw the show with Roger in it AFTER his injury, so to know that Ryan had to go from knowing The Samurai’s role, to learning The Bandit’s role and back, is amazing!!! Congrats to ALL!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and ALL the actors! And as they say in the ‘hood, …. Roger is “A Beast” on stage!”

  3. Pros!
    Here’s to a speedy recovery for Roger and a successful remaining run.