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From the fringe: ‘The Dumb Show’

Fringe review: ‘The Dumb Show,’ Hawk and Wayne, St. Petersburg, FL

By Elizabeth Maupin

Improv can have good days and it can have bad days, and I suspect it was the latter I saw with Hawk and Wayne’s The Dumb Show, which sank like a big fat stone Thursday night. Maybe I can blame myself: I’m the one who, when the two asked for an audience suggestion of a dumb saying, offered “It is what it is.” But the two comics made nothing of that (admittedly inane) saying, and their energy level was so low throughout that the show dragged on and on.

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A deal this weekend at Sak

Here’s a good deal this weekend for those of you who need your improv fix:


THIS WEEKEND ONLY we offer this exclusive discount to our subscribers in celebration of our New Home Summer Launch.

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Here they are: The Best of the Fest

Around Wednesday of Fringe week is a good time to go for superlatives, so here I am with mine. Here’s my first annual Best of the Fest list — the best shows I’ve seen so far (with an addition from my co-critic Dean Johnson). These are don’t-miss shows, and I suspect there may be more to come during the Fringe’s final days. Keep a lookout.

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From the Fringe: ‘Plā’

Fringe review: ‘Plā,’ Jeff Wirth, Orlando

By Elizabeth Maupin

Alas for those of us who shrink from audience participation, who see it coming and shrivel so deeply into our seats (and into ourselves) that we can’t enjoy the rest of the show.

Jeff Wirth has figured us out. And he’s figured that if you make the people in the audience feel safe and comfortable, we’re more likely to join in voluntarily – and we’re much more likely to have a good time.

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From the Fringe: ‘Is This Seat Taken?’

Fringe review: ‘Is This Seat Taken?’, Jester Theater Company, Oakland, FL

By Elizabeth Maupin

Anyone who does improv, or who sees a lot of improv, knows that long-form improv – one improvised story that can last up to an hour or more – is a bear. Lots can go wrong, and does, but you’re stuck with that story, and sometimes you just have to torture it to death until your time runs out.

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Improv Factory at Kids’ Fringe

A little publicity for a Kids’ Fringe show this weekend. (I don’t review them, so why not show them some love?) Continue reading

$10 tickets to Sak

A deal is always good, and here’s an especially good one – $10 tickets to Sak Comedy Lab, all weekend long.

Admission is usually $15, or $12 if you’re a Florida resident. So you’re still saving two bucks, which you can use on some popcorn or a drink. Very nice.

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Orlando Improv Fest seeks improv-ers

The Orlando Improv Festival, which is happening Sept. 20 and 21 at Breakthrough Theatre, is taking applications for improvisers. If you apply by June 1, it’ll cost you $20; if you wait and apply between then and July 1, it’ll cost you $35.

There are already a bunch of groups signed up — and most of ’em are really good people. Here’s a list:

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Help comedy show move to Orlando

PJ & Friends, the entertainment/comedy/theater-oriented radio show based at a small station in Ormond Beach, is trying to move to a much larger (50,000-watt) station in Orlando.

The show features PJ Pantaleo and Matt Gervia, both improv fans who have taken classes at Sak and are involved with the new group Power 2 Improv.

PJ & Friends is looking for sponsors to help them make the move to the big(gish) city. Here’s a link to their website and another one to the page detailing what kinds of sponsorships they need. Can anybody help?

Get your Fringe sked here

The schedule is out for Orlando’s 2010 Fringe, which may still be eight weeks or so away but will be here before you know it.

You can look at the schedule online (small type, difficult to browse, still in that strange non-alphabetical order that puts all the shows beginning with “the” together under the letter T).

Or you can look at all the shows and descriptions right here. What follows is an alphabetical list of shows, times and descriptions. I’ll give you the rolling log of Fringe shows from beginning to end when the festival gets closer.

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Theater auditions: Power2Improv comedy troupe

Here’s an audition notice for this weekend for a newish improv troupe, Power2Improv:

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Improv Festival presents a workshop on … improv

The newcomer festival in town, the Orlando Improv Festival, presents a workshop with an intriguing name, “Introduction to the Harold.”

This is not an introduction to your elderly uncle or anything like that — and you have to be an experienced improviser to participate in this intro to a specific kind of long-form improv. It’s taught by Mike Carr, and here are the details:

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What’s coming up at Breakthrough?

Here’s a rundown of all the stuff coming up at Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park. My, those folks are busy:

Six days in February: Sak makes its move

Here’s my final story as a staffer for the Orlando Sentinel — my account of Sak Comedy Lab’s move from the garage next to the Amway Arena to the swell new second-floor space at CityArts Factory, in the heart of downtown Orlando.

A little of it was cut, and somebody went in and changed every reference from Sak to SAK. (Note to Sak: Your name is not an acronym.) Anyway, here’s the story.