Fringe 2010

Check out the Fringe pages (listed to the right): Fringe schedules and schedule changes, Fringe reviews and other info about Orlando’s Fringe 2010:

4 responses to “Fringe 2010

  1. I like that Fringe has its own menu choice on your site. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for covering this event! See you in Orlando!

  3. Trisha Margeson

    Your Fringe reviews were fantastic – full of wit, truth and insight.  If I’d taken your advice and gone to only the shows you and Dean Johnson recommended, I’d have gotten my money’s worth on every show.  It was a great Fringe, the best.  Thanks for making it easy for us.  We admire your pertinacity and hope you enjoy your well deserved rest.  

  4. Franklin Ratliff

    There a lot of theatre people in this town who will off on artistic freedom at the drop of a hat. Yet, when I pointed out on my Facebook page there TWO models for conducting a Fringe festival, one of which gives the ARTISTS control of their venues, accepts EVERYONE, and DOESN’T dictate performing schedules to the artists, NOBODY said a single word.

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