Fringe 2011 schedule, show by show

Here’s a list, in alphabetical order, of all the shows in Orlando’s 2011 Fringe. For Fringe tickets (after April 18), go to

Anne Frank Superstar & the Purpose of the Moon, Penguin Point Productions, Winter Park. Rating: General. Genre: Unfunny musical parody. Pink venue; 60 minutes; $10.

The story of Anne Frank told in the voice of Karen Carpenter. Also, Vincent van Gogh cutting off his ear for Marilyn Monroe. With live music and good intentions.

5/19 THU 7:40PM
5/20 FRI 11:15PM
5/21 SAT 5:15PM
5/22 SUN 2:45PM
5/23 MON 11:05PM
5/25 WED 7:50PM
5/28 SAT 6:40PM

Any Title That Works, Paul Strickland, Kentucky. Rating: General. Genre: Comedy, Monologue, Storytelling. Patrons’ Room; 60 minutes; $10.

A new show from the creator of A Brighter Shade of Blue.  “Strickland has terrific timing and a way with words … ” – Elizabeth Maupin.

5/20 FRI 7:30PM
5/21 SAT 4:20PM
5/22 SUN 3:20PM
5/23 MON 6:55PM
5/27 FRI 8:40PM
5/28 SAT 3:40PM

archy & mehitabel, Ausable Theatre, London, Ontario. Rating: General. Genre: comedy-drama. Yellow venue; 50 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers; $10.

Meet Archy, a cockroach with a critical eye on humanity, and Mehitabel, a bohemian alley cat with an unbreakable spirit. “A pure delight” (Ottawa Citizen), “vivid and unforgettable” (CBC Manitoba).

5/19 THU 9PM
5/21 SAT 6PM
5/22 SUN 11:50PM
5/23 MON 9:20PM
5/25 WED 7:40PM
5/28 SAT 5PM
5/29 SUN 3:20PM

Attention, Please: Nostalgic Dance Theater Through 80’s TV Land, Yow Dance, Orlando. Rating: family-friendly. Genre: dance. Silver venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe artists, volunteers, hospitality industry, local artists; $10.

Prepare yourself for a whimsical and radical jaunt in this nostalgic yet modern story of one woman’s truly outrageous adventure with some familiar friends from ’80s TV Land.

5/22 SUN 12:30PM
5/24 TUE 11PM
5/25 WED 7:30PM
5/27 FRI 9:50PM
5/28 SAT 8PM
5/29 SUN 7:20PM

Beer: The Musical, Pathos Theatre, Inc., Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language and situations). Genre: musical comedy. Orange venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Show a beer bottle cap or empty Fringe beer cup; $10.

A musical comedy about the glory of America’s favorite beverage and its influence on our lives, love, and everything in between.

5/19 THU 9:20PM
5/21 SAT 3:10PM
5/22 SUN 1:40PM
5/24 TUE 7:25PM
5/25 WED 11:30PM
5/27 FRI 7:25PM
5/29 SUN 4:20PM

The Big Smoke, Fringetastic!, Vancouver Island, Canada. Rating: mature (language/graphic sexual situations). Genre: queer/coming-of-age/monologue. Pink venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Tommy moves from small town to big city, starts waking up next to men. It’s scary at first, then fun and exciting. Eventually his conscience comes calling when his family checks in. The story of how he does (and doesn’t) come out to his true love, Robert.

5/20 FRI 7:55PM
5/21 SAT 10:15PM
5/22 SUN 11:40PM
5/23 MON 9:25PM
5/25 WED 11:10PM
5/26 THU 8PM
5/27 FRI 6PM

The Big Smoke, written by Ron Fromstein, features Jeremy Banks performing a 60 minute tragic-comic monologue as Tommy, a small town Wawaiian (from Wawa) who moves to Toronto and realizes that if he keeps waking up next to men, he might not be straight. This is the story of how Tommy deals with that and how he doesn’t deal with it.

Mostly he doesn’t.

Big Smoke was the winner of the 2006 Canadian National Playwriting Contest, was originally produced by Maple Leaf Theatre as part of the 2007 Summerworks Festival in Toronto and was performed to standing ovations as part of the 15th annual University of Fraser Valley’s Director’s Festival and most recently to sold-out crowds and 4-1/2 star reviews at the 2010 Victoria Fringe Festival.

Big Swinging Dick’s Topless Bar presents “The Naked Drag Queen Farting,” Arfnotz Productions, Orlando. Rating: mature (hopefully partial nudity. If not, it’s not really for the kiddies.) Genre: A comedy that isn’t quite a … Green venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: anyone in drag; $10.

It’s even better than it sounds.

5/20 FRI 9:25PM
5/24 TUE 6:45PM
5/28 SAT 8:25PM

Bitches of the Kingdom!, the Oops Guys, New York City. Rating: mature (adult themes and language). Genre: comedy, musical revue. Orange venue; 60 minutes; $10.

World premiere!  Riotous new musical revue featuring the original storybook princesses comically kvetching about the exploitation they’ve suffered in the Disney movies.  “Boy, are these bitches a STITCH!” – Orlando Weekly.

5/19 THU 11PM
5/21 SAT 8:10PM
5/23 MON 5:30PM
5/25 WED 9:50PM
5/27 FRI 9:05PM
5/28 SAT 4:20PM

The Oops Guys are proud to return to the Orlando Fringe (for the 7th time!) after performing such sold-out “Best of Fest” hits as The Naked Guy, Asian Sings the Blues and Do I Make You Horny? – The Game Show. The show Asian Sings The Blues (since renamed Lounge-Zilla!) has toured internationally to raves, SRO houses and awards throughout the USA, Canada, Sydney, Singapore, Prague and aboard cruise ships bound for the Caribbean, Mexico and Belize!

Oops Guys shows have received “Best of Fest” nods at Fringe festivals in San Francisco (Best of Fest, Best Cabaret), Ottawa (Best Comedy), Saskatoon (Best of Fest), Halifax (Best of Venue), as well as the Orlando Fringe (Best of Fest – 4 times!). The 2011 Orlando Fringe marks the Oops Guys’ 20th Fringe festival including past Fringe appearances in Orlando (6), New York City (2), Edmonton, Vancouver (2), Saskatoon, Ottawa, Atlantic/Halifax, Sudbury/Fringe Nord, Kelowna, Seattle, San Francisco, Prague.

Under the tutelage of the award-winning Oops Guys (who also celebrate their 20th year in 2011), their newest hit Bitches of the Kingdom! makes its world premiere at the 2011 Orlando Fringe Festival. The show has previously played to sold-out houses, rave reviews and standing ovations in workshop at Pearl Studios in NYC and William Paterson University in NJ. The show recently won the prestigious 2010 New Jersey Playwrights Competition!

Blue and Tod Kimbro’s Big Queer Hootenanny, babyBluestar Productions and Tod Kimbro present, Orlando. Rating: mature (language, themes). Genre: comedy, music. Green venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Fringe veterans Tod Kimbro and BlueStar sing live! One piano + two queers = one rip-roarin’, song-singin’, knee-slappin’ good time!

5/19 THU 11:20PM
5/21 SAT 7:40PM
5/23 MON 9:20PM
5/25 WED 6:05PM
5/26 THU 9:10PM
5/27 FRI 11:30PM
5/28 SAT 10:05PM

The Booyah, Warren Acting Company, Mount Dora. Rating: mature (language). Genre: comedy. Green venue; 60 minutes; $10.

From the group that brought previous fringe hits Reefer Madness the Musical and Debbie Does Dallas the Musical comes this hilarious new comedy of a party gone horribly wrong.

5/19 THU 8PM
5/21 SAT 11PM
5/22 SUN 6PM
5/25 WED 9:25PM
5/26 THU 10:50PM
5/28 SAT 6:45PM
5/29 SUN 11:45AM

Cabaret Noir, Big Empty Barn Productions, Paris. Rating: mature (occasional adult language). Genre: music theater kabarett. Blue venue; 58 minutes. Discounts: Fringe volunteers, seniors; $10.

“Get out! Casse-toi! Cabaret is finished! Forever.” Trapped in the ruins of a theater, the Master of Ceremonies must improvise one last show.

“Utterly memorable,” Andrew Clover, The Times, UK.

5/19 THU 5:15PM
5/21 SAT 7:25PM
5/22 SUN 8:55PM
5/24 TUE 10:30PM
5/27 FRI 10:10PM
5/28 SAT 8:30PM

Written and Performed by Bremner Duthie.

“Get out! Raus! Casse-toi! Vous êtes trop tard. Too late. The Cabaret is finished. Forever!”

Trapped in the ruins of a Cabaret theater, the Master of Ceremonies is trying to make his escape. First they censored him. Then they beat and dragged away his cast. Soon the theater will vanish in flames. But tonight a final group of thrill-seekers has wandered in the open door, looking for a spectacle. Alone on stage, the MC must improvise one last show. So tonight he will play all the parts – singer, dancer, stagehand, showgirl – and sing his heart out with the greatest cabaret songs ever written – songs sung or written by the stars of Cabaret – Dietrich, Piaf, Weill, Friedrich Hollaender and Cole Porter.

Cabaret Noir is a one-man show recreating the last moment of an extraordinary period of musical and theatrical history – Kabarett. In Germany, between WWI and WWII, Cabaret was the most important creative place for musical and theatrical experimentation. Cabaret (as made popular in the musical Cabaret) was a form of musical theater where the songs and skits often confronted and satirized the audience, instead of simply entertaining them. Satire, sex, scandal and humor flourished on stage, as song writers like Kurt Weill and Friedrich Hollaender created classic songs like “Mack the Knife” and “Falling in Love Again.” The stars of cabaret were the brilliant Master of Ceremonies who mocked the political and social powers of the country. In the 1930’s, as the Nazis rose to power, they brutally suppressed the cabarets and those who dared to perform in them. Most of the MCs who did not escape ended their days in the concentration camps.

Cabaret Noir songs include

  • “Want to Buy Some Illusions,” by Friedrich Hollaender
  • “Non, Je ne regrette rien,” by Charles Dumont
  • “Some of These Days,” by Shelton Brooks
  • “Falling in Love Again,” by Friedrich Hollaender
  • “Never Gonna Dance,” by Jerome Kern

Captain Discovery: The Edible Musical, Jeff Ferree, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language/innuendo).  Genre: puppets. BYOV (Jamie Mykins Theater, closet outside Volunteer Check-In); 14 minutes; free.

Last year’s Fringiest show at Fringe is returning with a tasty little sing-along. Every patron attending the show will receive an edible puppet to eat and sing with during the show.

5/19 THU 9PM
5/20 FRI 9PM
5/21 SAT 9PM
5/22 SUN 9PM
5/26 THU 9PM
5/27 FRI 9PM
5/28 SAT 9PM

Die! Mommie! Die!, Hampton Arts Management in collaboration with the University of Tampa, Tampa. Rating: mature (language, adult situations, adult themes). Genre: Theater of the Ridiculous. Silver venue; 90 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, military, Fringe artists and volunteers; $10.

Dysfunction, revenge, murder and martinis.  Angela Arden is trapped in a corrosive marriage and attempts to find happiness in a plot that is Greek tragedy meets whacked-out acid trip.

5/21 SAT 8:10PM
5/22 SUN 2:10PM
5/24 TUE 8:50PM
5/25 WED 9:10PM
5/26 THU 6:15PM
5/28 SAT 4:30PM
5/29 SUN 5:10PM

Hampton Arts Management, in collaboration with the University of Tampa, presents Charles Busch’s Die! Mommie! Die!, a play that references the campy thrillers of the 1960s. The comic melodrama features faded pop singer Angela Andrews, who is trapped in a bad marriage and attempts to find happiness in the arms of a younger man. She murders her husband, but her daughter quickly suspects her and plots Electra-like revenge with her brother. In fact, the play alludes to the Greek tragedy Agamemnon, where the hero is killed by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her daughter Electra avenges him.

“Clytemnestra! Now that was a gal with a lot of style and gumption,” Busch wrote in the forward to the screenplay. “I thought the story of an adulterous queen who murders her powerful husband and whose son and daughter are obsessed with her guilt would be the makings of a hilarious screen comedy.”

Doctor WHOse Line Is It Anyway?, The WHO-ligans, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: improv show. Patrons’ Room; 30 minutes. Discounts: students, Fringe artists and volunteers, people with red hair, sci-fi shirts, men and women; $5.

Join us on a hilarious unscripted and completely improvised journey through time and stuff in this improvised tribute to the classic BBC sci-fi series.

5/19 THU 5PM
5/20 FRI 9:10PM
5/21 SAT 6PM
5/22 SUN 7:30PM
5/27 FRI 10:20PM
5/28 SAT 5:20PM
5/29 SUN 1:40PM

Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, Miga Me, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: musical comedy robot experience. Green venue; 50 minutes. Discounts: Anyone dressed as a robot; $10.

“No question, maybe the biggest surprise hit of Fringe.” – Elizabeth Maupin. Join Dog Powered Robot on his first full-length adventure. Music, robots, lights, dancing, cardboard, technology and the future!

5/20 FRI 7:55PM
5/22 SUN 9:20PM
5/24 TUE 5:15PM
5/26 THU 7:40PM
5/27 FRI 6:40PM
5/29 SUN 1:25PM

Don’t Make Fun of Jesus!, Pee My Pants Productions, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language, sexual content). Genre: stand-up comedy/storytelling. Yellow venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists, volunteers and staff; $10.

One girl’s struggle to come out of a cult, a marriage, poverty and a closet. Growing up in the South provided Sherri with lots of hilarious insights – being gay helped!

5/19 THU 10:30PM
5/21 SAT 10:50PM
5/22 SUN 6:50PM
5/24 TUE 6PM
5/26 THU 7:50PM
5/27 FRI 10:40PM
5/28 SAT 6:30PM

Dying Hard, A Vagrant Theatre, Newfoundland, Canada. Rating: general/mature (political and social-justice issues). Genre: drama, verbatim. Patrons’ Room; 60 minutes. Discounts: students and seniors; $10.

A powerful exploration of the plight of fluorspar miners in St.Lawrence, Newfoundland in the 1960’s. Through these true stories, Dying Hard brings to the forefront the human cost of industry.

5/19 THU 7:40PM
5/20 FRI 10:20PM
5/23 MON 5:15PM
5/27 FRI 7PM
5/28 SAT 10:30PM
5/29 SUN 2:50PM

Everything You’ll Ever Find On Television! (almost), Neil Bernard, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: comedy, impersonations, one-man show, pure fun. Red venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: seniors and students; $10.

Solo Fringe comedian and TV fanatic Neil Bernard explores highlights from the most memorable moments in television history through the use of impressions, silly scenarios, and other fun surprises.

5/19 THU 6:30PM
5/20 FRI 11:30PM
5/22 SUN 7:50PM
5/23 MON 9:55PM
5/25 WED 5:15PM
5/27 FRI 8:40PM
5/29 SUN 8:05PM

Excerpts, Emotions Dance Company, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language). Genre: dance, performance art, spoken word. Outdoor; 45 minutes; free.

Using excerpts from popular performances of 2011, including Poetry in Motion and Element Earth, Emotions Dance combines contemporary dance with exciting music and the spoken-word art of some of Orlando’s favorites: Tod Caviness, Curtis Meyer and more.

Note: No Fringe Button needed for Outdoor Stage events.

Excerpts will showcase some of Emotions Dance Company’s top work from performances like Poetry in Motion (a collaborative performance combining spoken word, with original music and contemporary dance) and Element Earth (using the elements of fire, air, earth and water to look at the relationships we share with our planet as well as with each other).

Emotions Dance is a unique and fresh non-profit, professional contemporary dance company in the Orlando area. Founded and directed by Larissa Humiston, Emotions Dance seeks to create social and environmental awareness through the art of dance. From the heartfelt, to the heart wrenching and the devious to the direct, Emotions Dance performances challenge audience members to look at themselves and their society.

Many Emotions Dance performances seek to align with individuals, groups, and organizations that dialogue about issues to eventually lead to individual or societal changes.

Emotions Dance Company dancers come from all dance disciplines and backgrounds which allows for many different types of movements, expressions, and emotions to come through in each and every performance. Emotions Dance fuses contemporary movement with lyrical, modern, jazz and other forms of dance to provide the artists and the audiences a chance to experience all types of movement. Audiences will take an emotional and artistic journey with every Emotions Dance performance and will also be educated and made aware of various issues that affect our society.

Fear Factor: Canine Edition, John Grady, New York, NY. Rating: mature. Genre: solo show. Pink venue; 55 minutes; $10.

“Irreversibly moved.”  “Riveting!” The peculiar and misguided true adventures of a man and his very trusting, very forgiving service dog.

5/21 SAT 12:55PM
5/22 SUN 8:20PM
5/23 MON 6:05PM
5/25 WED 9:30PM
5/27 FRI 11PM
5/28 SAT 1:10PM
5/29 SUN 3:50PM

John Grady is an actor and a writer from New York City. He starred off-Broadway in Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell and performed with Blue Man Group in NYC for several years. He is a multiple story-slam winner at the Moth, in both LA and NYC, and can be heard on the Moth Radio Hour on NPR. He has performed his stories for live KCRW events and on the Story Worthy podcast. John worked with film director Francis Lawrence on I Am Legend and on the NBC drama Kings. John recently appeared on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles and is currently performing his new one-man show Fear Factor: Canine Edition in both the US and Canada. Cereal rules his life.

Five Minute Professor, OCS Productions, Orlando. Rating: family-friendly – but adult-paced. Genre: infotainment. Yellow venue; 52 minutes.

Discounts: students, Five Minute University faculty, Philips Phile listeners, tea drinkers and red-headed Lithuanians; $10.

The Professor leaps from your radio (Real Radio 104.1) onto the stage. Every show covers different topics with new opportunities to gain knowledge and win prizes. Learn something, dammit!

5/21 SAT 7:30PM
5/22 SUN 3:20PM
5/23 MON 7:40PM
5/25 WED 6PM
5/26 THU 4:30PM
5/29 SUN 5PM

Every Thursday afternoon, Bill Keevan lectures as the Five Minute Professor on The Philips Phile on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando (also streamed live at and rebroadcast on XM/Sirius Channel 152.

The lectures cover a wide range of topics, from cream and crumpets to tic tac toe and battleships.

The Professor asks us to take a few minutes away from the pursuit of the latest celebrity gossip or reality TV show to actually learn something.

For the 2011 Fringe, all seven shows will cover three wide-ranging topics, and every show will be different. Come back for all seven.

Each performance will include live lectures, multi-media learning aids and notepads so you can mentally hold on to the information. That will come in handy at your next cocktail party.

OCS Production is headquartered at Olde Cup and Saucer tea room in Altamonte Springs and this is its first show produced for the Fringe.

You can make the Perfect Cup of Tea!

Olde Cup and Saucer
931 North SR 434
Suite 1135
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Fringe Abridged Fundraiser, Becker, Pender, & Warren, Orlando. Rating: mature (language, content). Genre: parody. Orange venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Back again to spoof the goings on of the 20th Annual Orlando Fringe … Jay Becker, Eric Pender and Joel Warren improvise the highlights of Fringe 20. All proceeds benefit Orlando Fringe.

5/30 MON 10PM

Fringe Fabby/Graduation, The Fringe Collective, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: award ceremony. Outdoor venue; 60 minutes; free.

Join the Fringe Faculty & Staff at the 20th anniversary graduation, as they present awards and honors in various categories of achievement. Much like a high school diploma, a Fabby is worth at least the paper on which it is printed!

5/29 SUN 10PM

No Fringe Button needed for events on the Outdoor Stage

Fringe Fashion Show, Be Boutique & Hair Salon, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: fashion/hair. Red venue; 30 minutes; $10.

Be Boutique & Hair Salon showcase fashion thru the decades to benefit the Orlando Fringe. Orlando Fringe’s Pepe will host and Fringe Mascots will be among the models of the night.

5/26 THU 7PM

Fringe Gala Show; The Fringe Collective, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: mature/comedy/music/gay. Orange venue; 90 minutes; $10.

In celebration of our 20-year high-school reunion, we invite you to join our kick-off benefit hosted by the Oops Guys, featuring Brian Feldman doing his Feldman Pre-Festival Award Show, a slide show of Fringe memories from the past and many surprises!

5/18 WED 7PM

Fringe Poetry Smackdown V, The Fringe Collective, Orlando. Rating: mature (language). Genre: umm – poetry? Outdoor venue; 60 minutes; free.

Returning for a fifth year, host Tod Caviness brings Fringe-style slam poetry back. A dream team of Orlando’s best spoken word artists put their poetry and their dignity on the line against Beth Marshall and a boozy bevy of Fringe celebrity judges.

5/21 SAT 10PM
5/28 SAT 10PM

NOTE: No Fringe Button needed for the Outdoor stage events

How did we win last year’s audience choice award for best outdoor show? Let’s just say that poets know how to use their mouths.

Fringe Toast-Off; The Fringe Collective, Orlando. Rating: mature (potential naughty language). Genre: toasts/wassails/salutes/etc. Outdoor venue; 60 minutes; free.

Laugh along with an increasingly blurry stage full of poets, comedians and Fringe celebrities at the outdoor stage’s favorite competitive drinking game. Contestants go head-to-head, composing improv toasts to random subjects pulled out of a hat.

5/27 FRI 10PM

NOTE: No Fringe Button needed for Outdoor Stage events.

Hosted by Tod Caviness. A panel of brutal judges heckle out the unworthy. In the end, only one Toaster will be left standing …  barely.

Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night, Windwhistle Theatre, Orlando. Rating: family. Genre: storytelling; blue venue; 45 minutes; $10.

Enter the realm of the supernatural as one actor, portraying 13 different characters, brings to life four eerily tantalizing tales from the world beyond. “A master storyteller,” Victoria Times Colonist.

5/19 THU 6:55PM
5/21 SAT 12:15PM
5/22 SUN 3:15PM
5/24 TUE 7:10PM
5/26 THU 8:35PM
5/28 SAT 2:50PM

An eerie stranger from another era, attired in black, probes the darkness with a lantern, making his way amidst the neglected monuments of an

ancient graveyard and offering his audience the opportunity to enter the realm of phantoms and their ilk. So begins Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night, a unique theatrical/storytelling event in which one actor, portraying 13 different characters, brings to life four eerily tantalizing tales from the world beyond spanning both time and place from ancient Greece, to rural Ireland and Victorian England, to San Francisco in the early 1900’s.

The one-man play, written and performed by Mark Lyon, is appropriate for both adults and children ages five and over.

Funny, chilling, lyrical and poignant, Ghosties and Ghoulies … offers a dramatic tour de force which just might haunt your thoughts for nights to come!

Actor, storyteller and playwright Mark Lyon has been enchanting audiences from Orlando, Florida to Victoria, British Columbia and across the Atlantic in stately castles in Ireland with his unique blend of songs and stories as well as conducting historical “ghost walk” tours for the last seven years in his hometown of Nevada City, California and in the neighboring town of Grass Valley in which he relates the true tales behind the wraiths said to haunt the two gold rush towns’ historic buildings and byways.

Lyon has toured for several years with his original one-man musical plays On Yonder Hill: An Irish-American Love Story, The Bard of Erin (based upon the life and songs of the Irish poet Thomas Moore) and Phil The Fluter’s Ball (based upon the life and songs of the early 1900’s Irish songwriter and performer Percy French); and his one-man play presenting traditional ghost legends, Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night. He has also been featured as a raconteur of true ghost stories on numerous television and radio programs, most recently on the A&E Biography channel’s program My Ghost Story.

A member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and holding a master’s degree in theater, Lyon studied at length in a master class with the late Lynn Redgrave and was honored to have been chosen by Ms. Redgrave to perform alongside her and other notable actors in a special presentation of memorable moments from Shakespeare produced at the Louis B. Mayer Theater for the benefit of the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

He has been published regarding his original research in parapsychology and formally taught a university survey course on the subject of parapsychological phenomena.

His book San Francisco Ghosts relates not only the details of over 100 true tales of ghostly manifestations but also the fascinating historical background behind the myriad of phantoms said to haunt a city which has, for so long, enchanted so many with its color, history and unique charm.

Heaven Help Us!, Mo’ Laughs Comedy, Orlando. Rating: mature (language, gay theme, religious themes, bad dancing). Genre: comedy; silver venue; 60 minutes; $10.

The final chapter in the Hell series bring us to Heaven. God invites Satan up for a visit but his motives are far from noble.

5/19 THU 7PM
5/20 FRI 11PM
5/21 SAT 5PM
5/23 MON 9PM
5/25 WED 5:30PM
5/26 THU 8:30PM
5/27 FRI 6PM

The Holy Land Experience, Martin Dockery, Brooklyn, NY. Rating: general. Genre: theatrical monologue; orange venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Debuting a hilarious and heartbreaking new monologue, Martin Dockery (Wanderlust and The Bike Trip, 2009/2010 Best-of-Fringe – Orlando Sentinel) journeys from Orlando to Bethlehem, making a faithless pilgrimage through the land of the faithful.

5/20 FRI 7:55PM
5/21 SAT 6:30PM
5/22 SUN 4:20PM
5/24 TUE 10:45PM
5/26 THU 9:05PM
5/28 SAT 9:20PM
5/29 SUN 1PM

How Charlie Changed My Life, Wallflower Theatre, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult situations and language). Genre: comedy. Blue venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers, people named Charlie (with ID); $9.

Four Charlies, four stories, multiple themes: blind dates, kidney transplants, vertigo, office sex, Christmas, and murder. A fresh Fringe comedy from the minds behind 2010’s Words with the Detective.

5/19 THU 8:35PM
5/21 SAT 1:55PM
5/22 SUN 4:55PM
5/24 TUE 5:30PM
5/25 WED 10:20PM
5/28 SAT 1:10PM
5/29 SUN 6PM

The Humor Mill Orlando Presents … The War on Terriers!, the Humor Mill Orlando, Davenport. Rating: mature (language, subject matter). Genre: comedy (sketch comedy-derived). Red venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Hilarious sketch-comedy revue in the style of the Second City, lampooning the everyday fears of our modern society.  The revolution is here, and it’s cute, fluffy and extremely yippy.

5/19 THU 11:25PM
5/21 SAT 8:10PM
5/22 SUN 6:10PM
5/24 TUE 5:30PM
5/25 WED 10:05PM
5/27 FRI 5:30PM
5/29 SUN 4:15PM

After a successful debut at the 2010 Orlando fringe Festival, the Humor Mill Orlando is back in this exciting new sketch comedy revue.

Executive Producer – Kelly Rands
Managing Director – Jennifer Rands
Cast of The War on Terriers: Alex Mrazek, Robert Cunha, Dave West, Carly Skubick, Amy O’Malley, Jennifer Rands.

I Love You (We’re F*#ked), 55BC, Nashville, Tenn. Rating: mature (language). Genre: LGBT stand-up one-man musical. Brown venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe artists, volunteers and anyone in drag; $10.

This show is a hilariously fast-paced mix of stand-up comedy, storytelling and music about a gay man looking back over the greatest loves (and sex) of his life.

5/20 FRI 9PM
5/22 SUN 11:45PM
5/24 TUE 7:25PM
5/25 WED 10:45PM
5/27 FRI 11:55PM
5/28 SAT 4:30PM

I Love You Because, Winter Springs Performing Arts, Winter Springs. Rating: general. Genre: musical romantic comedy. Pink venue; 60 minutes; discounts: students; $10.

Patron’s Pick 2007 Bat Boy, Patron’s Choice 2009 A New World. Back again with an Along Came Polly-style musical! A romantic comedy with contemporary music! You’ll love us because …

5/19 THU 9:20PM
5/21 SAT 11:15AM
5/22 SUN 6:40PM
5/24 TUE 6PM
5/27 FRI 7:40PM
5/28 SAT 5PM
5/29 SUN 2:10PM

I Love You Because is set in New York City. A young, uptight greeting-card writer’s life is changed when he meets a flighty photographer. Along with their eccentric friends and siblings, they learn to love each other not in spite of their faults, but because of them.

I’m Just Not That Gay!, Christopher Leavy, Winter Park. Rating: mature (adult themes, language). Genre: comedy/gay/music/musical/solo. Red venue; 55 minutes. Discounts: code on Facebook; $10.

A humorous look at one man’s attempt to find his place in the gay world. Chris shares stories and songs about coming out, dating, activism, stereotypes and more.

5/19 THU 9:50PM
5/21 SAT 11:30PM
5/22 SUN 9:30PM
5/24 TUE 7:10PM
5/26 THU 8:10PM
5/27 FRI 10:20PM
5/29 SUN 6:30PM

Chris Leavy is a freelance music director, accompanist, and actor whose professional career spans over 30 years and nearly 100 shows. For last year’s Fringe festival, Chris directed Ned Wilkinson’s original hit musical Julie Bunny Must Die!

Locally, Chris is now in his fourth season as resident musical director at the Winter Park Playhouse and is a pianist and vocal coach at Walt Disney World. He has also performed at Walt Disney World with the Dapper Dans of Main Street, Universal’s Islands of Adventure (How the Grinch Stole Christmas), Sak Comedy Lab, Mad Cow Theatre and Treasure Tavern, as well as accompanying SingLive USA and the Orlando Gay Chorus.

Outside the Central Florida area, Chris has performed at Don’t Tell Mama (NYC), the national tour of Bathhouse, the Musical, the Kansas City Crossroads Musical Theatre Festival, the Kansas City Fringe Festival, Silver Dollar City theme park and the Mansion America (Branson, MO), the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA and Portsmouth, NH’s Theatre by the Sea and Seacoast Repertory Theatre. This is his first solo show!

Joe’s Café, Rupert Wates and Friends, New York, NY. Rating: mature (adult themes). Genre: musical revue. Blue venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: seniors; $10.

A musical revue comprising original songs based on true stories. Tales of ordinary Americans, recast in song: each a piece in the mosaic that is the story of America itself.

5/20 FRI 7:40PM
5/21 SAT 5:45PM
5/23 MON 6:10PM
5/25 WED 8:40PM
5/27 FRI 5:15PM
5/28 SAT 6:50PM

Rupert Wates is a multi-award-winning songwriter, born in the UK, now based in New York City. Kellie Amend is an accomplished singer, dancer and actress based in Colorado Springs. Between them they deliver 15 songs, recreating the welcoming atmosphere of an all-night cafe, where friends gather to share their stories.

The Last Straight Man in Theatre, Too Much Free Time Productions, Brooklyn, NY.  Rating: mature (adult language & sexual content). Genre: multimedia comedy. Brown venue; 60 minutes; $10.

A strange, wild and hilarious multimedia ride through one weird night in a neighborhood of Kurt’s imagination.  “It’s what theater should be: challenging and exhilarating.” – Fully Fringed, Ottawa.

5/20 FRI 7:20PM
5/23 MON 9:20PM
5/25 WED 7:25PM
5/26 THU 10:30PM
5/28 SAT 1:10PM
5/29 SUN 7:35PM

A bizarre hybrid of theater and film, The Last Straight Man in Theatre involves a live Kurt Fitzpatrick portraying a cast of characters on stage while interacting with filmed versions of himself as even more characters. The result is a strange, wild and hilarious ride through one weird night in a neighborhood of Kurt’s imagination.

The show was directed by Alison Cousins and an original musical score was created by Adriane Palikat. It was created in 2009, toured the Canadian Fringe theater circuit that year and the American Midwest in the summer of 2010. In Indianapolis the show sold out and received a five-star review from and a four-star review from Nuvo – Indy’s Alternative Weekly.

In Saskatoon, 25th Street Theatre critic Jason Dubray named the show the #1 Production of the 2009 Saskatoon Fringe Festival, Outstanding Male Performer, Outstanding Solo Show, and Outstanding Multimedia Show. The show was named one of Fresno Bee’s six recommended shows of the 2010 Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA. Marcel Nunis said it’s like “an Impressionistic painting brought to life.” in Ottawa says, “It’s what theater should be: challenging and exhilarating.”

Lot o’ Shakespeare, Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre; Arlington Heights, IL. Rating: general (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth). Genre: history or poem unlimited, pastoral, pastoral-comical. Red venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers; $10.

Tim Mooney presents one monologue from every Shakespeare play! At random! Bingo Style! “A tour de force!” “Thrilling!” “A whirlwind tour!” “Phenomenal!” “Incredible … gave me chills.” “Tim. Mooney. Kicks. Bottom.”

5/19 THU 8:10PM
5/21 SAT 9:50PM
5/22 SUN 4:30PM
5/23 MON 11:35PM
5/24 TUE 8:45PM
5/26 THU 9:45PM
5/28 SAT 5:30PM

Lot o’ Shakespeare celebrates the most soaring speeches, outrageously tangled scenarios, wicked double-entendres, and most delicious soliloquies ever written! Mooney has memorized one monologue from every Shakespeare play, and the order of their performance is chosen entirely at random by the spinning of a Bingo cage! The audience plays along on their individual “IAGO” cards, and the first to match four play titles in a row wins a T-shirt! And while the game turns it all into fun, in the process the audience discovers Shakespeare’s genius coming to life in passionate scenes of action, character and power!

Mooney’s performance is literate, enthusiastic, and athletic, bounding from Shakespeare’s hilarious comedies, to his passionate tragedies, to his epic histories, all at the drop of a ping-pong ball! Audiences are astonished to discover just how contemporary, vivid and playfully fulfilling these plays are, whether cheering the battle cries of Henry V (“Even better than Kenneth Branagh’s!”), feeling chills down their necks from Julius Caesar (“I found myself weeping over Caesar’s dead body!”), laughing hysterically over Comedy of Errors, or catching their breath at the beauty of the sonnets!

Somehow, Mooney manages to find the dramatic power in each monologue or situation, and reviewers have repeatedly celebrated how completely accessible these pieces are, “regardless of the obscurity of the monologue.”

Tim Mooney is the author of Acting at the Speed of Life, the adaptor of 17 rhymed-verse variations of the plays of Moliere, and the performer of Moliere Than Thou, Criteria, Karaoke Knights, a One-Man Rock Opera, and Dancing Nude. His classical one-man performances will be featured later this summer as a part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show.

Lyrics Speak Louder Than Words, Bob Azzarito, Deltona. Rating: general. Genre: music. Red venue; 50 minutes. Discounts: seniors and students; $8.

Enjoy a whimsical, thought-provoking musical and visual performance of songs and lyrics as one man reflects on the personal impact that music and lyrics play in our lives.

5/20 FRI 9:40PM
5/21 SAT 5PM
5/23 MON 5:15PM
5/24 TUE 11:55PM
5/25 WED 6:55PM
5/27 FRI 7:10PM
5/28 SAT 10:20PM

Miss Sammy Bakes a Cake, Kangagirl Productions, Winter Park. Rating: mature (adult language and situations). Genre: comedy, musical, variety. Silver venue; 65 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers; $10.

The hostess-with-the-mostess and her celebrity friends broadcast the pilot episode of her cooking/variety/talk show live from her swinging 60’s kitsch-en where anything can happen!

5/19 THU 10:50PM
5/21 SAT 3:10PM
5/22 SUN 8:40PM
5/23 MON 10:40PM
5/24 TUE 7:10PM
5/25 WED 11:20PM
5/28 SAT 2:10PM

Kangagirl Productions presents the one and only Miss Sammy as she whips up a heaping helping of insanity at the 20th annual Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival’s silver venue.

Legendary Broadway dancer, happy hour hostess, and alleged JFK mistress, Miss Sammy has decided to take a bite out of the one aspect of the entertainment industry she hasn’t yet tackled: The cooking-variety-talk show. Following in the illustrious footsteps of Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and the Donner Party, Miss Sammy tries her hand in the culinary arts with Miss Sammy Bakes a Cake. Joined by some of her fabulous celebrity friends (from Orlando to NYC, from the world of entertainment to the culinary arts, both living and dead), Miss Sammy hosts an outrageous variety hour featuring music, comedy, and cooking instruction coming to you live from her swinging 60’s kitchen!

The hostess with the mostess, who used to mix Judy Garland’s “coffee” and served Mama Cass that infamous ham sandwich is about to bake you a cake. Don’t miss a bite!

Conceived by Margaret Nolan. Starring Sam Singhaus (Broadway’s La Cage Aux Folles, Orlando’s Schmick-ed, When Pigs Fly, and Ladies of Eola Heights). Written by and featuring Fringe favorite John Ryan (Gay Bar Star, My Pal Bette, New Rochelle), with additional material by Margaret Nolan and Sam Singhaus.

“Life’s a buffet and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death.”

More Skits ‘n Giggles, Door No. Three, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult content and language). Genre: sketch comedy. Yellow venue; 60 minutes; $9.

Rich. Contagious. Fulfilling. Addictive. Irregular. Absurd. Just plain wrong. Awkward? Worth it! Five comedians in one of the sketchiest sketch shows to ever sketch … again!

5/19 THU 7:20PM
5/21 SAT 2:30PM
5/22 SUN 10:10PM
5/24 TUE 9:20PM
5/26 THU 11:10PM
5/27 FRI 6PM

Mr. Healthy’s Happy Land, Blottner Productions, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language and situations). Genre: comedy. Green venue; 45 minutes; $10.

Join Dale Evans in his attempt to escape the agony of entertaining bratty kids in crappy children’s shows.  It takes women, drugs, booze, and drugs. And booze.  And agony.

5/20 FRI 6:15PM
5/22 SUN 1:40PM
5/24 TUE 8:25PM
5/27 FRI 5PM
5/28 SAT 11:45PM
5/29 SUN 9:35PM

My Friend in a Sketch Show, Minimalistic Theatre, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language). Genre: comedy. Pink venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe artists and volunteers, Disney cast members, Universal team members; $8.

Six performers, and another guy, write a show about writing a sketch show in only one night! Think 30 Rock, Dick Van Dyke Show and that one by Aaron Sorkin.

5/19 THU 11PM
5/21 SAT 6:55PM
5/22 SUN 1:05PM
5/24 TUE 11:15PM
5/26 THU 9:40PM
5/28 SAT 10:25PM
5/29 SUN 6:10PM

Featuring Mike Carr, Jim Doyle, Lisa Glaze, Stephen Kadwell, John Telfer, Greg Yates with Charles Frierman.

My Monster, Clockwork Hobo, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language and themes). Genre: comedy, lecture-series satire. Blue venue; 55 minutes; $9.

Playwrights Bill Corbett (MST3K, Rifftrax) and Joseph Scrimshaw skewer the creative process, self-doubt, and Hollywood clichés in a pop culture comedy about a screenwriter confronted by his own creation.

5/20 FRI 9:20PM
5/23 MON 7:50PM
5/25 WED 7:05PM
5/26 THU 11:55PM
5/27 FRI 8:35PM
5/29 SUN 2:45PM

Regional premiere! A successful screenwriter walks us through the artistic process of creating a character. The result is something quite beyond his control, revealing his own self-doubt, poor understanding of Aristotle and bad back.

Written by Bill Corbett of RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame and Joseph Scrimshaw, author of multiple #1 best-selling shows at the Minnesota Fringe, My Monster is produced by Clockwork Hobo, a collaboration of Orlando actors and Fringe veterans.

My Pal Izzy, Sisterscene, Alberta, Canada/New York, NY. Rating: general (family-friendly). Genre: musical. Orange venue; 55 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe artists and volunteers, flappers; $10.

Narrated by Berlin’s childhood friend Becky, this musical comedy explores the early life of famed composer Irving Berlin.  From a song plugger to a singing waiter, young Izzy would do anything to succeed.

5/19 THU 6PM
5/21 SAT 1:30PM
5/22 SUN 7:40PM
5/23 MON 10:30PM
5/24 TUE 9:05PM
5/26 THU 5:45PM
5/29 SUN 2:40PM

Irving Berlin, well-known as the composer of “White Christmas,” is one of America’s most famous composers. However, not many people know of Berlin’s early life and of his struggle to succeed. From a young immigrant just off the boat from Russia to one of the shining lights of Tin Pan Alley, Irving’s story is fascinating. This show contains some of Berlin’s best early songs, from “Don’t Take Your Beau to the Seashore” to “If You Don’t Want My Peaches.”

Sisterscene is a theater company from Alberta, Canada and New York, NY. They will be presenting shows at seven Fringe festivals this year, including Toronto, London and Vancouver.

Night of Fright, Storyteller “Country Joe” Rosier, Lake Mary. Rating: family-friendly. Genre: storytelling of Ghost and Scar. Patrons’ Room; 50 minutes. Discounts: ghosts, goblins, headless horsemen, students, seniors, artists and volunteers; $10.

Enjoy scary tales and ghost stories? Celebrate Halloween in May. Join Dr. J. Albert Rosier in the library of his 1879 manor house for a night of fright. Pleasant dreams!

5/19 THU 6:10PM
5/21 SAT 2:30PM
5/22 SUN 6PM
5/23 MON 8:35PM
5/25 WED 6:40PM
5/27 FRI 5:30PM
5/28 SAT 9PM

Oh, That Wily Snake!, Concrete Drops, London, Ontario, Canada. Rating: general. Genre: Drama/comedy. Orange venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Martin Dockery (Wanderlust and The Bike Trip, 2009 & 2010 Best-of-Fringe, The Orlando Sentinel) and Vanessa Quesnelle star in this fantastical misadventure of a man, a woman, and an aeronautical bed.

5/20 FRI 6:15PM
5/21 SAT 11:30PM
5/22 SUN 9:20PM
5/23 MON 8:50PM
5/25 WED 6:30PM
5/26 THU 10:45PM
5/28 SAT 7:40PM

A man and woman take off on a wild, fantastical adventure of temptation, seduction, and betrayal in this original play starring Ontario’s Vanessa Quesnelle and Brooklyn’s Martin Dockery.

Written by Martin Dockery.

Once Upon a Pill, Gypsy Productions, Winter Park. Rating: general. Genre: musical comedy. Pink venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Anyone showing birth control pills/any brand; $9.

“There’s no such thing as The Car or The Shoe or The Laundry Soap, but everyone knows The Pill.” – Time Magazine.  Retrosexual?  Metrosexual? Musical comedy.

5/19 THU 6PM
5/21 SAT 2:35PM
5/22 SUN 10PM
5/24 TUE 9:20PM
5/26 THU 11:20PM
5/28 SAT 8:45PM
5/29 SUN 12:30PM

Metrosexual? Retrosexual? This musical comedy covers timeless tunes and timely troubles of ornamental men and self-made women popping the Pill and paving modern steps toward relationships and family.

Mayme Paul, director, has directed over 100 musical productions. Broadway experience includes A Chorus Line, Little Johnny Jones, and The Tap Dance Kid. Jill Craddock, writer, has worked with Fringe for ten years and wrote the successful Shuffling Strait in 2006. She has also written numerous one-acts and recently won a greeting card contest unrelated to the birth control pill.

Onomatopoeia, ToBo productions, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: comedic drama with live music. Red venue; 50 minutes; $9.

Live music propels the flights of fancy and down-to-earth peregrinations of a hardscrabble hobo. You’ll giggle, squeal, and sniffle. Featuring the Mud Flapper Band. Onomatopoeia: sounds like fun.

5/20 FRI 6:30PM
5/23 MON 8:25PM
5/24 TUE 10:25PM
5/26 THU 5PM
5/27 FRI 11:55PM
5/28 SAT 8:50PM

Oral!, Kick the Puppy Productions, Port Orange. Rating: mature (adult language and situations). Genre: comedy. Green venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: UCF students; $10.

Oral takes sexuality down to the bones, from a raw and honest point of view. It’s not just about sex, but an intimate look into the behaviors, and feelings surrounding it.

5/20 FRI 11:05PM
5/21 SAT 1:30PM
5/23 MON 6PM
5/24 TUE 11:45PM
5/25 WED 7:45PM
5/28 SAT 4:35PM
5/29 SUN 7:55PM

Pandemonium, Greater Orlando Actors Theatre, Winter Park. Rating: mature (language and themes). Genre: comedy, dance, drama, gay themes). Yellow venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers; $7.

A modern musical-theater mashup based on the epic poem Paradise Lost, including improvisational dance and visual art.  You may think you know the story, but you don’t!

5/20 FRI 6PM
5/21 SAT 9:10PM
5/24 TUE 7:40PM
5/25 WED 10:50PM
5/28 SAT 3:20PM
5/29 SUN 1:40PM

Greater Orlando Actors Theatre’s goal is to provoke thought and communication through traditional and avant-garde productions while concurrently enlightening and entertaining our audience through community theater. We want to challenge attitudes, stereotypes, and preconceived notions about theater by introducing our audience to contemporary concerns. We encourage our volunteer talent to share and develop their skills while taking the opportunity to learn from those surrounding them.

Greater Orlando Actors Theatre seeks to provide productions and programs that make a vital contribution to the quality of ideas in the surrounding Orlando area.

Pink Dawn, Renegade Theater, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult languages/situations). Genre: comedy. Green venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers; $10.

When a struggling community theater tries to mount 80s classic Red Dawn on stage, chaos ensues.  From the creator of 2010 Patrons’ Picks Annie Todd and Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson?

5/19 THU 6:20PM
5/21 SAT 9:20PM
5/22 SUN 10:50PM
5/23 MON 7:40PM
5/25 WED 11:05PM
5/28 SAT 11:35AM
5/29 SUN 4:35PM

Preacherman, Reverend Nuge, Detroit, MI.  Rating: general (mild language, moderate blasphemy, ‘special’ Brownie reference). Genre: comedy, cult Initiation, solo, storytelling. Brown venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, Fringe volunteers and artists; $10.

(Updated retelling of ’09 Fringe hit Burning Man the Reverend Nuge) – from real life Pentecostal preacher to atheist street magician to comedic cult leader letting loose in the desert.

5/20 FRI 10:40PM
5/21 SAT 4:20PM
5/22 SUN 8:30PM
5/24 TUE 9:05PM
5/27 FRI 10:25PM
5/28 SAT 11:55PM
5/29 SUN 6PM

Fringe ‘wandering holy man’ the Reverend Nuge is just your basic preacher turned strip-club bartender turned professional gambler turned law student turned street magician turned motivational speaker turned Fringe-circuit solo-show artiste.

Punch and Judy Presents Grand Guignol Puppet Theatre, Winter Park. Rating: mature (adult language, sexual content, bloody violence and extreme puppet nudity).  Genre: mythologicome(puppet)dy. Brown venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: seniors, students, Fringe volunteers, puppets; $8.

What do Zeus, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga have in common? They’ll all have someone’s hand up their ass at Fringe 2011! You’re not on Sesame Street anymore!

5/19 THU 9:20PM
5/21 SAT 5:55PM
5/22 SUN 6:50PM
5/23 MON 11PM
5/27 FRI 8:45PM
5/28 SAT 6:10PM
5/29 SUN 12:40PM

Radio Star, Tanya O’Debra, Horse Trade Theater Group, New York, NY. Rating: mature (adult language). Genre: farce, radio play. Brown venue; 60 minutes; $10.

A 1940s radio detective spoof written and performed by Tanya O’Debra with original music by Andrew Mauriello. Watch (but mainly listen) as Nick McKittrick: Private Dick hilariously solves a murder in “The Case of the Long-Distance Lover.”

5/21 SAT 8PM
5/22 SUN 10:05PM
5/23 MON 6PM
5/25 WED 5:45PM
5/26 THU 8:50PM
5/28 SAT 9:25PM
5/29 SUN 4:20PM

Miss O’Debra lends her voice to roughly 10 different characters while her soundman stages silly sound effects.

Road to Nowhere, Hefner and the Henchgirl, Cabin John, MD. Rating: mature (the F-word once or twice). Genre: (mostly) solo performance, comedy, travelogue. Pink venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, unemployed; $10.

The Great American Road Trip: Route 66. A man. His mother’s minivan. His anarchist girlfriend on another coast. And his dead father’s along for the ride. Jack Kerouac this ain’t.

5/20 FRI 9:35PM
5/21 SAT 11:55PM
5/22 SUN 5PM
5/24 TUE 7:40PM
5/26 THU 6:20PM
5/28 SAT 11:30AM
5/29 SUN 8PM

“I know no way to adequately describe how good this show is … I love John Hefner.” – Audience review, The Great American Road Trip: Route 66. A man. His mother’s minivan. His anarchist girlfriend on another coast. Oh, and his dead father’s along for the ride. Jack Kerouac this ain’t. John Hefner of The Hefner Monologues (2008) and the sold-out How Hefnerian (2009) returns to Orlando with a brand-new show.

“Breezy, thoughtful and happily nerdy.” – Nuvo Magazine. “Hefner is the Spalding Gray of the comic-book world.” – Audience review, Wilmington Fringe. “On the Road meets Big Bang Theory … Hefner’s is a strong talent that is just beginning to blossom.”–

Robby Pigott Tries Something New, Snoopboy Productions, Orlando. Rating: mature (gay themes, minimal profanity). Genre: cabaret, musical comedy, personal stories. Blue venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Actors’ Equity Association members, Fringe artists and volunteers, seniors, students; $8.

Trisha Margeson called Robby’s cabaret “clever, poignant, endearing, brave and plainly entertaining in every way.” Two other patrons complained that it was offensively gay … but those two were REALLY OLD!

5/20 FRI 6PM
5/21 SAT 9:05PM
5/22 SUN 7:15PM
5/25 WED 5:25PM
5/26 THU 10:15PM
5/27 FRI 6:55PM
5/28 SAT 10:10PM

In October of 2010 Robby Pigott and Chris Leavy performed this cabaret as part of Winter Park Playhouse’s Spotlight Cabaret series. A bout of laryngitis and a barrage of requests from friends and relatives who couldn’t make the show inspired them to remount the show for the Fringe.

Robby Pigott Tries Something New is filled with music and stories relating to Robby’s experiences growing up in Hawai’i, coming out to his family, performing around the world and falling in love. He dedicates the show to his parents Bill and Debby. Their never-ending support and encouragement should be an example of love for the rest of the world!

SmartArse, Rob Gee, Leicester, UK. Rating: mature (adult language, themes). Genre: comedy/spoken word. Green venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe volunteers; $10.

An exhilarating story of several childhoods from the creator of Fruitcake. “The kind of performer you pray you’ll discover …  awe-inspiring!” – Orlando Sentinel. “Humor-filled …  disturbing …  wonderful!” – Elizabeth Maupin.

5/19 THU 9:40PM
5/21 SAT 6PM
5/22 SUN 4:20PM
5/24 TUE 10:05PM
5/27 FRI 8:10PM
5/28 SAT 2:55PM
5/29 SUN 6:15PM

It’s a thin line between clever and stupid. An exhilarating story of several childhoods from the creator of last year’s sellout Fringe hit Fruitcake.

“The kind of performer you pray you’ll discover …  awe-inspiring!” – Orlando Sentinel.

“Humor-filled … disturbing … wonderful!” – Elizabeth Maupin.

“Be prepared to be blown away!” – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Comic, slam poet and reformed psychiatric nurse, Rob has performed over 2,000 shows around the UK, Europe, Australia and North America. He’s performed the Edinburgh Fringe for seven consecutive years, supported Harold Pinter, and regularly appears on BBC Radio. He’s won numerous poetry slams, including BBC2’s Why Poetry Matters Slam, the Edinburgh Slam and the 2010 Orlando Fringe Poetry Smackdown. He is sometimes sent into schools as a warning to children.

Squatters, Carbon Productions, LLC, Orlando. Rating: mature (potential profanity). Genre: comedy, improv. Brown venue; 30 minutes. Discounts: seniors, students, sing Silver Spoons theme at box office; $10.

Imagine the kids from Growing Pains or Family Ties growing up, becoming successful and losing everything. It’s Arrested Development meets Noises Off meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with 7 different episodes!

5/20 FRI 6PM
5/21 SAT 9:40PM
5/22 SUN 5:30PM
5/24 TUE 10:40PM
5/27 FRI 7:25PM
5/28 SAT 11:05PM
5/29 SUN 9:15PM

Stayin’ Alive, the Downtowners from Orlando Lutheran Towers, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: musical theater. Brown venue; 60 minutes; $10.

A choral group ages 70 – 95 singing Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Weather Girls, Village People, Elvis and more!

5/19 THU 6PM
5/21 SAT 1:40PM
5/23 MON 7:40PM
5/26 THU 5:30PM
5/28 SAT 11:30AM
5/29 SUN 2:20PM

Suckers, a Freaky Little Musical, Zombie Productions, Orlando. Rating: general (some adult language and situations). Genre: Goth-rock musical comedy. Green venue; 60 minutes; $10.

An edgy and hilarious look at the 90’s, black lipstick and ravers on ecstasy in the return of Tod Kimbro’s top-selling Fringe hit, now as a Goth-rock musical!!

5/21 SAT 4:20PM
5/22 SUN 7:40PM
5/23 MON 11PM
5/26 THU 6PM
5/27 FRI 9:50PM
5/28 SAT 1:15PM
5/29 SUN 2:55PM

Zombie Productions is the collaboration of two of the longest-tenured, most successful veteran artists in Orlando Fringe history, Tod Kimbro and Michael Marinaccio.

Playwright/composer/producer/musical director/pianist/singer/actor/renaissance man Tod Kimbro is a 15-year veteran of the Orlando Fringe. Tod has written over 20 plays and over 200 pieces of music. From his raw, edgy twenty-something sagas (1998’s Suckers and 1999’s electra at the wiener stand, both selected as Best Original Work at Orlando Fringe); to his experimental electronic rock opera (2000’s Loud); from a ground-breaking original on-stage sitcom (2000-2001’s eight monthly installments of Caffeine); to a pulse-pounding retro-rock show (2005’s acclaimed Hurricane Me); from his 2006 debut album Soundtrack to a Chemical Spill to his epic sci-fi rock musical My Illustrious Wasteland (selected for the prestigious 2010 New York Music Theatre Festival), Tod has proven himself as an adventurous, multi-faceted artist with an unstoppable creative drive. Tod’s recent forays into rock cabaret have been a big success. His first show, 2007’s F-Bombs and G-Strings was a smash at Orlando Fringe. His others, 2008’s In the Blue and 2010’s Robots Stole My Piano, both won the Patron’s Pick award for top seller in their venues.

Director/producer/actor Michael Marinaccio will be making his 15th consecutive appearance as an artist for the Orlando Fringe. His previous Fringe credits include 2010’s Hell Freezes Over (director, Patrons’ Pick winner), 2009’s The Karate Guy (actor/co-producer/co-creator, Patrons’ Pick Winner), 2004’s The Blue Room (producer/actor, Patrons’ Pick winner) and Best Original Play winners 2002’s Farrago (producer/co-creator/actor), 1999’s electra at the wiener stand (co-producer/co-director/actor) and 1998’s Suckers (director/co-producer). As a resident director for Mad Cow Theatre, Michael’s credits include 2011’s Circle Mirror Transformation, 2010’s The Heiress, 2009’s Love Song, and 2008’s I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady From Rwanda. Michael is also a teacher and actor and has worked on nearly 100 productions locally and nationally.

Zombie Productions was founded in 1997, for the very first Orlando Fringe collaboration between Tod and Michael, with Tod’s original work The Zombie Doorman. The company name was later changed to impacte! Productions, when Tod, Michael, and fellow founder Meghan Drewett Gatton opened a theater space in east Orlando. Suckers: A Freaky Little Musical marks the resurrection of the original company name, the eighth Fringe collaboration, and the first joint production of Tod and Mike’s since 2005’s Hurricane Me.

Superman Drinks, Chase Padgett Productions, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: storytelling/music. Orange venue; 60 minutes; $8.

What makes a hero a hero? Is it super strength or telekinesis or something more? Find out in this heartwarming and hilarious look and what “super” really is.

5/19 THU 7:40PM
5/20 FRI 11:15PM
5/21 SAT 9:50PM
5/22 SUN 11PM
5/23 MON 7:10PM
5/25 WED 8:10PM
5/27 FRI 5:45PM

The Supporting Cast, Think Tank Theatre presents a Dinky Pflug Production, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language & themes). Genre: comedy. Brown venue; 60 minutes; $8.

Ben and Naomi really like each other, but it will take some unorthodox help from their friends to get it right. But is that really what best friends are for?

5/19 THU 11PM
5/21 SAT 10:30AM
5/22 SUN 1:40PM
5/26 THU 7:10PM
5/27 FRI 5:45PM
5/28 SAT 7:45PM

Think Tank Theatre is a new theater company whose focus is on creating new work through the spirit of collaboration. The Supporting Cast is the company’s first production. Through brainstorming, improv games and a pint or two, TTT is excited to bring a new avenue of exploring theater to the Orlando scene. We also are not limited to just scripted work but also performance art, improvisation – you name it, we want to play around with it. If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about please visit our website (if it’s not running yet, it will be soon) at or visit us on Facebook to learn about upcoming projects and to learn how to collaborate with us on your next project, or ours!

13, The Musical, Orlando Youth Theatre, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: musical theater. Silver venue; 90 minutes; $10.

Broadway’s Jason Robert Brown’s hilarious, high-energy musical for all ages about discovering that cool is where you find it, and sometimes where you least expect it.

5/20 FRI 8:10PM
5/21 SAT 1PM
5/22 SUN 6:30PM
5/23 MON 6PM
5/27 FRI 7:40PM
5/29 SUN 3PM

Thom Pain (based on nothing) by Will Eno, the ubiquitous theater company, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: comedy/drama/one-man show. Yellow venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Edinburgh Fringe First Award Winner and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, starring 20-year Orlando Fringe veteran David Lee. “ … Samuel Beckett for the John Stewart generation … a small masterpiece.” – NY Times.

5/20 FRI 10:40PM
5/21 SAT 4:20PM
5/22 SUN 1:40PM
5/23 MON 6PM
5/25 WED 9:10PM
5/26 THU 9:30PM
5/28 SAT 1:40PM

David Lee has been involved with the Orlando Fringe from the very first festival 20 years ago. He has either directed or starred in such projects as Ant Vanya, 7 Blowjobs, The Book of Liz, Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach, When Pigs Fly, The Dream Express and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

A 3-Decker Romance, Bernard “O’B” O’Brien, Mount Dora. Rating: general. Genre: storytelling. Blue venue; 60 minutes; $8.

On Sept 5, 2010 “O’B” returned to his “roots” as promised. He carried with him a simple yellow ball-cap to be placed atop a balding head. Yes! You can always go home!

5/19 THU 10:15PM
5/21 SAT 3:35PM
5/22 SUN 10:35PM
5/23 MON 9:25PM
5/26 THU 6:55PM
5/28 SAT 11:30AM
5/29 SUN 4:20PM

[title of show], Wanzie Presents, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language). Genre: musical comedy/drama. Silver venue; 90 minutes; $10.

Wanzie/Howard-directed delightfully funky musical comedy that chronicles its true-life journey from inception to opening on Broadway. John B. DeHaas. Melissa Mason. Rob Lott. Kevin Kelly. Robyn Pedretti-Kelly.

5/19 THU 8:40PM
5/20 FRI 6PM
5/21 SAT 10:20PM
5/22 SUN 4:20PM
5/24 TUE 5PM
5/26 THU 10:10PM
5/28 SAT 9:40PM

Trash Cinema 101, Logan Donahoo Presents, Orlando. Rating: mature (graphic B-movie clips – brief violence, nudity, gore and spandex; adult language, blue humor). Genre: movies. Blue venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe artists, volunteers, anyone with a ticket stub to a movie screening of Rocky Horror, anyone dressed as John Waters; $9.

Let Logan take you on a wild & strange romp through some of the worst B-movies known to man! From women in prison to cheesy rock operas – we’ve got it all for you! Seven films, 60 minutes … zero class!

5/19 THU 11:55PM
5/21 SAT 10:45PM
5/22 SUN 1:35PM
5/24 TUE 8:50PM
5/26 THU 5:15PM
5/27 FRI 11:50PM
5/28 SAT 4:30PM

Award-winning Fringe veteran Logan Donahoo returns this year with a one-man wild romp into the world of bad movies: Trash Cinema 101! Every performance flings us screaming through the world of cheesy films, failed musicals, un-scary horror and high camp.

Featured films Include: Can’t Stop the Music; Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!; A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge; Phantom of the Paradise; Forbidden Zone; Freeway; House – and many more surprises!

The Trouble with Fishing, Gator Girl Productions, Casselberry. Rating: general. Genre: social-awareness drama. Yellow venue; 40 minutes. Discounts: Fringe artists, volunteers & students; $7.

High-schooler Allison Graves must deal with the consequences of inadvertently contributing to her boyfriend’s prescription drug abuse.

5/19 THU 6PM
5/20 FRI 9:20PM
5/21 SAT 1:10PM
5/22 SUN 5:30PM
5/24 TUE 11PM
5/27 FRI 7:40PM
5/28 SAT 10:25PM

High-school senior Allison Graves thinks she has life figured out: straight As, a wonderful boyfriend, and a full scholarship to Georgetown. When she finds out her boyfriend Justin’s parents are going through a divorce, she decides the best way to help him cope is sharing her Xanax prescription. What she doesn’t realize is she’s opened a doorway to drug abuse with consequences she may be unable to control.

20:11, Brian Feldman Projects, Orlando. Rating: general. Genre: conceptual art; BYOV; 60 minutes; free.

A series of 11 new projects for the 20th Orlando Fringe by acclaimed conceptual artist Brian Feldman, recipient of the 2011 State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship. Details:

5/18 WED 7PM
5/19 THU 6PM
5/20 FRI 7:30PM
5/21 SAT 6PM
5/23 MON 6PM
5/24 TUE 6PM
5/25 WED 6:50PM cancelled
5/26 THU 6:50PM
5/27 FRI 6PM
5/28 SAT 11:30AM
5/29 SUN 7PM

  1. The Feldman Awards. Wednesday 5/18 7PM (part of the Fringe Gala Show). Orange venue; 20 minutes; $10 (part of the Fringe Gala Show – proceeds benefit Orlando Fringe). The first award show of this year’s Orlando Fringe – before any show even opens! Categories include Best Show in each venue, Genre, Artistic, Technical and Patron awards. Winners will be determined by lottery and drawn by Shannon Lacek (Managing Director, Orlando Shakespeare Theater), who served as the drawmaster for the Fringe Lottery in November 2010. Hosted by Brian Feldman, all awards feature The Great Seal of Subjectivity in Art. Sponsored by #FeldmanAwards.
  2. Brian Feldman Reads This Program in Its Entirety. Thursday 5/19 6PM. Orlando Shakes Pendulum Room; 300 minutes (5 hours); free. Exactly what it sounds like. Brian Feldman reads all ## pages of the 2011 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival program, out loud, in its entirety (cover to cover), including all ads, photos and page numbers. Pick up a program, take a seat and follow along. Brian’s previous marathon reading projects include Why Would They Do That?, Brian Feldman Reads This Newspaper In Its Entirety, Maupin!, 67 Books and Foul! Sponsored by and #ThisProgram.
  3. Bourbon Chicken. Friday 5/20 7:30PM. Orlando Shakes main entrance; 30 minutes; free. Brian Feldman compares Fringe show flyering to shopping mall food court samples. Sponsored by Lightlife Foods. #BourbonChicken.
  4. Fringe of Nature 2: Creature Comforts. Saturday 5/21 6 PM-Sunday 5/22 11AM. Off-site overnight camping (meet at lower lobby of Orlando Shakes by box office); 1020 minutes (17 hours); $10 donation (payable by cash, check or Square). Last year, Brian Feldman took the Fringe where it had never gone before. Now, he’s taking it back. Last year, so many people told him they wanted to go camping, he’s bringing it back – for one night only. But this year, it’s far easier. Not primitive camping! No 3.5 mile hike! No sleeping bags required! #FringeNature.
  5. Fringe Scripts. Sunday 5/22 noon-11:59PM. Shakespeare Center main entrance; 720 minutes (12 hours); free (scripts available for sale, priced individually). Brian Feldman will be stationed outside the entrance to the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, standing at a table selling scripts to all 70 shows of the 2011 Orlando Fringe, along with some bootleg show videos and J. J. Abrams’ Fringe on Blu-ray. (Note: Brian offered all of this year’s Fringe show producers the opportunity to participate in this project.) #FringeScripts.
  6. Brian Feldman Changes the Oil in Beth Marshall’s Car. Monday 5/23 6PM. Orlando Shakes main entrance; 30 minutes; free. Inspired by Rob Ward. “Great show!” – Rob Ward-as-Marshall. #OilChange.
  7. Root Beer Tent. Tuesday 5/24 6PM-11:59PM. Green Lawn of Fabulousness; 360 minutes (6 hours); free ($2 per ice-cold root beer). Brian Feldman has never drunk a beer in his life. Root beer, though? He’s lost count. Stationed on the Green Lawn across from perhaps the most famous component of the Orlando Fringe – the Beer Tent, Brian will see firsthand just how popular root beer is in the year 2011 as he attempts to sell it in the presence of a social juggernaut. #RootBeerTent.
  8. “You Don’t Know Fringe!” A Walking Tour of Historic Orlando Fringe Venues (1991-2003). Wednesday 5/25 & Thursday 5/26 6:50PM-9:50PM. (Lynx + downtown Orlando) Meet at lower lobby of Orlando Shakes by box office;  180 minutes (3 hours); $10 donation (payable by cash, check or Square). Brian Feldman enlists Orlando Fringe founder Terry Olson to co-lead a walking tour through downtown Orlando to identify and explain the early years of Orlando Fringe, hitting every single Fringe venue in its history – even if they no longer exist! Includes round-trip bus fare on Lynx, hot dog and souvenir map. #WalkingTour.
  9. The Attendants. Friday 5/27 6PM-11:55PM. Shakespeare Center men’s and women’s rooms; 360 minutes (6 hours; free (tips accepted). Brian Feldman will be dressed to the nines, equipped and ready with all the accoutrements – inside the men’s room at Orlando Shakes. Breath mint? He’s got you covered. Mouth wash? He’s got that too. Hair dryer? Amazingly, yes! Everything you need to look good post-bathroom break – available for free! One night only! Women’s room features Shannon Lauzier of Sak Comedy Lab. Sponsored by #Attendants.
  10. Show, Interrupted. Saturday 5/28 11:30AM-Sunday 5/29 1AM. All venues; 810 minutes (13.5 hours); no tickets available. On the second Saturday of the festival, when 59 of this year’s 74 shows have a performance, Brian Feldman will make a cameo in ## of those shows by simply walking across the stage at a random time in a piece highlighting the random possibilities of live performance. (Note: Brian offered all 59 Fringe shows scheduled for Sat 5/28 the opportunity to participate in this project and is only walking across the stage of the ## shows who agreed to partake.) #ShowInterrupted.
  11. Private Dancer. Sunday 5/29 7PM. Yellow venue; 60 minutes; no tickets available. Last year, only 10 people could attend Brian’s Fringe show (Fringe of Nature). This year, no one can. Taking the expression “Dance like no one’s watching” to its logical conclusion, Brian Feldman will be dancing on the stage of the yellow venue in front of an audience of no one. The doors will be shut (with a bouncer stationed outside), there will be no tech in the house and no video or photos will be taken, in what is unquestionably the most conceptual performance of the 2011 Orlando Fringe; and the first in Fringe history no one can see. #PrivateDancer.

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

Unspoken, the Empty Spaces Theatre Co(llaboration)/DiDonna Productions, Central Florida. Rating: general (light mature themes for some sensuality). Genre: dance/music/performance art/music. Yellow venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, seniors, Fringe artists and volunteers; $10.

Choreographer Nicole Yezzi in collaboration with John DiDonna brings us the world of things unspoken, for better or worse. A surprising and exuberant celebration in dance, movement and multimedia performance.

5/20 FRI 7:40PM
5/21 SAT 11:30AM
5/22 SUN 8:30PM
5/23 MON 10:50PM
5/26 THU 6:10PM
5/27 FRI 9PM
5/28 SAT 8:45PM

The Empty Spaces Theatre Co(llaboration) brings its ensemble-development technique to a new and exciting show choreographed by Nicole Yezzi in collaboration with John DiDonna and featuring the Empty Spaces ensemble of dancers and actors. The fears, the joys, the regrets, the secrets and the celebration of all that is unspoken –- a surprising and exuberant celebration in dance, movement and multimedia performance.

Watch Me Burn, Rossanna Mercedes, Saint Cloud. Rating: mature (violence/sex). Genre: drama & dance. Red venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: students and artists; $7.

Unconditional love. Undeserving lover. Sophia, being pursued for the first time in her life, finds herself falling dangerously in love with Adam, a guy from college. Adam goes to an extreme making sure that his “I Love You” …

5/20 FRI 8PM
5/21 SAT 6:30PM cancelled
5/22 SUN 11:05PM
5/23 MON 6:45PM
5/25 WED 8:25PM
5/26 THU 11:25PM
5/28 SAT 7:10PM

Rossanna Mercedes, a senior of Southeastern University in Lakeland, is a Fringe virgin! She is the writer and director for Watch Me Burn. Friend her on Facebook:; Follow her on twitter: @RossannaMaria.

While You Dine, the Musical, Original Cast Players, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language). Genre: musical comedy. Brown venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: Facebook friends; $10.

A hilarious musical comedy about the restaurant business. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never piss off a waiter again!!

5/19 THU 7:40PM
5/21 SAT 11PM
5/22 SUN 3:20PM
5/24 TUE 5:45PM
5/25 WED 9:05PM
5/28 SAT 2:50PM
5/29 SUN 11AM

Winifred, “That Bitch”!, Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises, LLC, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult language, adult situations. Genre: variety. Orange venue; 60 minutes. Discounts: stroke survivors; $10.

From the irreverent minds that brought 3 installments of The Screw You Revue comes a shocking continuation of the story. Familiar characters come to life to correct Wayburn’s deceitful lie.

5/20 FRI 9:35PM
5/21 SAT 4:50PM
5/22 SUN 6PM
5/24 TUE 5:45PM
5/26 THU 7:25PM
5/27 FRI 10:45PM
5/28 SAT 6PM

Wisdom: Part One, Jimmy Hogg, Plymouth, England. Rating: general (language). Genre: storytelling & comedy. Pink venue; 60 minutes; $10.

Returning favorite Jimmy Hogg brings you a show about what we know, what we don’t know and what we think we don’t know. Equal parts stand-up, storytelling and tangential nonsense.

5/20 FRI 6:15PM
5/21 SAT 8:35PM
5/22 SUN 11:25AM
5/23 MON 7:45PM
5/25 WED 6:10PM
5/27 FRI 9:20PM
5/28 SAT 2:50PM

Fringe favorite Jimmy Hogg (Curriculum Vitae, A Brief History of Petty Crime, Like A Virgin) brings you a show about what we know, what we don’t know and what we think we don’t know. Equal parts stand-up, storytelling and tangential nonsense. Hogg challenges our belief systems by asking, “Why do we believe the things that we believe? Some people believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, some people believe that we were put here by aliens and some people believe that Paul McCartney died a long time ago and was replaced by a doppelgänger – which goes some way to explaining why all the music he’s produced in the last 20 years has been utter shit.”

Wisdom was first performed at the Toronto Fringe Festival 2010, where it simultaneously delighted and offended, causing a split in the audience that resulted in a level of uncomfortableness never before seen in Canada. It also played Minnesota Fringe, where Hogg managed to damage his previous reputation as a cheeky, likeable, English chap by insulting religious zealots – whom he hadn’t previously realized made up a large part of his audience base. While financially crippling, Jimmy was filled with a sense of righteousness and moral superiority and has gone some way to dispelling the myth that he had sold out.

The show was directed by Fringe legend Greg Landucci (Dishpig, Mr. Fox), who has taken an extended hiatus from touring because of the all-consuming guilt he feels every time he’s away from his children pissing their college fund away at the Fringe beer tents of North America. Upon completing his involvement with the show Landucci said, “This is the sort of show I would do if I don’t care about ticket sales so much.”

You Know You’re A Weenie When: A Guide for the Eligible Bachelor, Hot Tin Cat Productions, Orlando. Rating: mature (adult subject matter and language). Genre: comic monologue. Patrons’ Room; 60 minutes. Discounts: students, Fringe artists, volunteers; $8.

Join Mark J. Richman on a fast-paced, comedic romp through the do’s and don’ts of dating from the hopeful first date to the bitter, angry break-up.

5/20 FRI 5:45PM
5/21 SAT 8:30PM
5/22 SUN 1:40PM
5/23 MON 10:05PM
5/25 WED 5PM
5/28 SAT 2PM
5/29 SUN 4:30PM

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