Visual Fringe

Visual Fringe, the visual-art aspect of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, has been installed and will open Wednesday night May 18 with 128 works of art, most of them for sale. The exhibit will be in and around the Patrons’ Room at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park.

Here’s a list of the artwork for sale:

(A1-12 are artworks featured on the left-side upper lobby of Lowndes Shakespeare Center:)

A1               Vision of Red Trees, Ruth Garry, $170
A2               The Drums, Bethany Myers, $225
A3               Taking a Break, Terry Olson, $250
A4               Mad Tea Party, Richard Thomas, $450
A5               Happy Cupcake, Jennine Faubel, $114
A6               Bethany, Tracy Burke, $150
A7               The Gifts, Carrie Curtis, $125
A8               Curly, Vicki Jones, $495
A9               Fresh Like Spring, Juliana Davidson, $95
A10             Raziel (Keeper of Secrets), Ralph Verano, $170
A11             After the Fire, Annie Laurie Wells, $900
A12             Monster Flowers, Genevieve Bernard, $101

(B1-7 are works featured on the wall leading down the ramp to the Margeson Theater/orange venue.)

B1                Odalisque, Richard Thomas, $600
B2                Looks Can Be Deceiving, Christina Blackwell, $39.99
B3                Worst Western, Cindy Murray, $150
B4                Fight Club, John Burke, $700
B5                Water Distortion #18, L.D. Brown, $200
B6                Motivation for Life, Bonnie Sprung, $39.99
B7                Judith, Monica Long Tamborello, $145

(C1-16 are artworks featured on the right-hand side of the upper lobby.)

C1                Conjoined Skulls, Rob Davis, $170
C2                Are You Afraid of AIDS, Lissy Narvaez, $300
C3                Blue Water, Theresa Rogers, $50
C4                Submerged, Jennifer Ailles, $28
C5                Bekah in the Waves, Luciana Nogeira, $120
C6                Neon Boneyard, Byron Faudie, $39.99
C7                Everyone’s Named José, Carrie Curtis, $150
C8                Red Heels, Carol Thomas, $340
C9                Shanghai Suite I, Paul Thomas Martin, $300
C10              Seascape, Tom Abbott, $650
C11              Drone, Heath Starling, $95
C12              Stag Party, Peg Martin, $135
C13              Santa’s Secret, Peg Martin, $135
C14              Yellow Submarine, Cindy Murray, $100
C15              The Yellow Piano, Tom Abbott, $800
C16              Icarus, Richard Bowser, $250

(D1-90 are works featured in the Patrons’ Room and the David Lee Closet Gallery within the Patrons’ Room.)

D1               Serenity Plant, Adrienne H. Lee, $35
D2               Bird and Cupcake, Jennine Faubel, $114
D3               Alice in Wonderland, Sarah Ikegami, $30
D4               Jelly and the Brainwashed Whale, Elisa Dallas, $285
D5               Possession, Lisa Dunlop, $120
D6               Heart Blossoms, Juliana Davidson, $95
D7               The King, Madelaine MacKenzie, $125
D8               In a Minute, Bethany Myers, $55
D9               Lilly Lines, Kari Sardone, $25
D10             Potty Katz Recursion, Tiffany Spencer, $50
D11             Rocket 5150, Brian Demeter, $98.76
D12             Who Wants to Ride Pepe, Jeff Ferree, NFS
D13             Saucer 316, Brian Demeter, $98.76
D14             Jeff Jones, Jeff Ferree, NFS
D15             Choices, Madelaine MacKenzie, $125
D16             Monster Garden, Genevieve Bernard, $103
D17             The Spiders Have the Fanciest Dances Because They Have So Mnay Legs, Elisa Dallas, $255
D18             Smiley People, Carl Knickerbocker, $75
D19             Bird Face Wall Vase, Vadim Malkin, $279
D20             You’re a What?, John Gibson, $170
D21             3 Palms, Theresa Rogers, $75
D22             Adirondal Evening, John Gibson, $170
D23             Animal Parade, Anna McCambridge-Thomas, $325
D24             Capture of the Golden Dragon, Annie Laurie Wells, $800
D25             Edison Floral, Marjorie Labriola, $65
D26             Big Wheel, Byron Faudie, $21
D27             Cabin Hideaway, Sarabecca Rosier, $35
D28             Statue in the Garden District, Kristen Wheeler, $59.99
D29             Spiral Staircase, Melissa Hudson, $90
D30             It Happened in Vegas, Elaine Person, $39.99
D31             A Night on Broadway, Larry Carpenter, $250
D32             Fork of the Future, David Kelley, $60
D33             Sunset on the St. John’s, Melissa Hudson, $90
D34             Honor to Archimides, Josh Garrick, $95
D35             Passion Plant, Adrienne H. Lee, $35
D36             Water Distortion #9, L.D. Brown, $200
D37             Street Car in New Orleans, Kristen Wheeler, $59.99
D38             Shanghai Suite II, Paul Thomas Martin, $300
D39             Artemisia, Monica Long Tamborello, $135
D40             Lingering Reminder, Vadim Malkin, $495
D41             Fathom, Lisa Dunlop, $100
D42             Hippo Jar, Doug Bringle, $100
D43             Warthog Jar, Doug Bringle, $100
D44             Butterfly Lapiz Ensemble, Debra Joy Peisner, $174
D45             Purse Bra, Jamie Mykens, $35
D46             Libéré de L’Ordure, Russell Tucker, NFS
D47             Starry Night, Linda Gillotti, $70
D48             Cleopatra Goes Green, Linda Gillotti, $70
D49             Sterling Bracelet & Ring, Debra Joy Peisner, $145
D50             Serpentine Fork, David Kelley, $60
D51             Dusk, Caitlin Carney, $40
D52             Night Light, Vicki Jones, $225
D53             A Marathon Tribute, Josh Garrick, $95
D54             Speckled Delight, Keri Sardone, $35
D55             Vulpine Vine, Anna McCambridge-Thomas, $300
D56             Felis, Marya Murphy, $174
D57             Cowgirl, Carl Knickerbocker, $80
D58             Butterfly Garden, Adrienne McIntosh, $35
D59             Serenidipity, Lisa Ikegami, $60
D60             Toy Wars, David Lee, $133.33 (located in the David Lee Gallery/ Patrons’ Room closet)
D61             Audrey Hepburn, Lladnar, $100
D62             Lost Legend-, Leslie Cox, $170
D63             La Cagazøon, Russell Tucker, NFS
D64             White Diamonds, Leslie Cox, $170
D65             Henry Rollins in Your Face, David Segal, $336
D66             Cascading, Luciana Nogeira, $170
D67             Tribute to “Come Unto Me,” Christopher Johnson, $1,280
D68             Concussion, Catilin Carney, $40
D69             Untitled I, Jen Halbert, $150
D70             La Costa Wetlands, Linda Milner, $100
D71             Silicone Nature, Thomas Cook, $39.99
D72             Prick, Elaine Person, $39.99
D73             Bliss, Lisa Ikegami, $75
D74             Last Night, Ruth Garry, $90
D75             Burst of Pink, Adrienne McIntosh, $35
D76             The Rose, Carol Thomas, $340
D77             Island Palms, Sarabecca Rosier, $35
D78             Sun Catcher, Marjie Labriola, $49
D79             Last Survivors, Shirley Fox, $300
D80             Recession, Christopher Johnson, $300
D81             I Miss You, Lissy Narvaez, $150
D82             The Horror of Old Scratch, Jason McIntosh, $35
D83             3D Leaf Disk Series #001, Bonnie Sprung, $39.99
D84             The Human Slug, Rob Davis, $125
D85             Verdun #2, Tracy Burke, $165
D86             Holy Bible (iPad), John Burke, $400
D87             Minator, Richard Bowser, $250
D88             Zombies, Inc., Tiffany Spencer, $50
D89             Untitled II, Jen Halbert, $150

(Fringe High Gallery in lower lobby/Pendulum Room:)

Fringe 20 T-shirt Quilt, Gale Pergande, NFS
Fringe 20 Collage, Christie Miga, NFS

(Left-side of lower lobby wall leading into blue venue:)

Fringe 20 Button Quilt, Gale Pergande, NFS

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