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Theater review: ‘West Side Story’ at Bob Carr

By Elizabeth Maupin
Elizabeth Maupin on Theater

Too much feeling.

They seethe with it, the teenage boys of West Side Story – with anger, with frustration, with pain. And their girls throb with it too, a feeling that burns inside them and threatens to enkindle their entire city in a mammoth explosion of flame.

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‘West Side Story’ to hold chat-backs in English and Spanish

The national tour of West Side Story, opening tonight in Orlando and running through Sunday, will hold talkbacks in English and in Spanish Thursday at Barnes & Noble on Colonial Drive.

This production, directed by librettist Arthur Laurents, was noted for translating some of the dialogue and the lyrics to a couple of songs to Spanish. (In the Heights’ Lin-Manuel Miranda did the translations.) The Broadway production returned some of that language to English several months later. It will be interesting to see tonight how much of the Spanish remains on the tour.

In any case, here’s an opportunity for Spanish speakers, as well as English speakers, to mix with the West Side Story cast. Here’s the official word:

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Arthur Laurents creates new play award

Playwright Arthur Laurents, who wrote the books for West Side Story and Gypsy and is still directing on Broadway in his 90s, has created a new play to help both plays and playwrights. The concept is to give a chunk of money to emerging writers and then provide more money to get those writers’ works produced.

The point is to help all those playwrights who win multiple awards but still see their scripts languish in a drawer.

The $150,000 grant — $50,000 to the playwright and $100,00 to the theater producing his or her work — will be called the Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award, after Laurents and his longtime partner, Tom Hatcher, who died in 2006.

Here’s the story from the New York Times.