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Arts alliance to take part in Project Audience

The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Central Florida has been named as one of a handful of arts groups nationwide — and the only one not in a major city — to take part in an audience-development project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Project Audience, which also includes organizations in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis, is an effort to find ways to get more people involved in the arts.

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Theater folks: How do you measure success?

Thanks to both Autumn Ames and ArtsJournal for pointing out this provocative blog post:

Alistair Smith, a writer for the Guardian, reports on a new system in some British theaters that measures the success of a production based on audiences’ emotional responses. If people leave weeping, and say so on a questionnaire, that apparently makes for a successful show. If people leave confused, and say so on a questionnaire — only to mull the show over and over in their minds for days — that’s apparently a problem.

Read Smith’s discussion, and then tell me yourselves: How do you measure theatrical success? Box office? Critics? Word of mouth? Just a gut feeling in your stomach? We’d all like to know.