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Brian Feldman steps in where gas companies won’t

A hearty congratulations to Brian Feldman for yesterday’s project The Most Expensive Gas in America, in which he spent six hours standing outside one of the gas stations down near the airport that gouge their customers with sky-high prices but refuse to display those prices on a sign, as the law requires.

Here’s Mark Schlueb’s very engaging account of it, from the Sentinel.

I love it when art engages people who don’t usually pay attention to it and aims to accomplish something for the greater good.

Brian Feldman and Hannah Miller end their marriage

This morning Brian Feldman and Hannah Miller, who married 11 months ago to point out the inequality of Florida’s marriage laws, had their own marriage annulled.

The two didn’t enter this marriage lightly, although it may have seemed so to casual observers. They were serious about making the case that near-strangers are allowed to marry in Florida, as long as they’re straight, while committed gay and lesbian couples are not.

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Brian Feldman goes for an annulment

It’s been nearly a year since Brian Feldman and Hannah Miller, two near-strangers, married each other at the Orange County Courthouse to protest the fact that devoted couples of the same sex could not do the same thing.

Now Brian and Hannah continue the protest but try to move on with their own lives by going for an annulment. The final hearing is Wednesday Jan. 19, and those who saw the wedding, as I did, may want to witness the continuation of this odd piece of political theater.

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Feldman returns to books — or at least one book

Well, a book of sorts — the NBA’s rulebook, which might not be my preferred form of literature but is apparently Brian Feldman’s, at least for a day.

Feldman is going to read the new NBA rulebook to basketball fans outside the new Amway Center on the first night of basketball season, which — in case you’re not following this — happens to be Thursday.

The project is called Foul! Let’s assume that’s not a description.

Details here:

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Brian Feldman will do just about anything

Brian Feldman is celebrating. It’s his seventh year as a performance artist — which means it’s his seventh year of doing stuff that it wouldn’t occur to most other people to do.

Like this. He’s offering to do anything you need done for the month of August — free.

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Read. Now.

(This is an updated version of yesterday’s post.)

It’s National Library Week, so pick up a book now.

Or, failing that, head to downtown Orlando and watch a rather theatrical celebration of National Library Week — Brian Feldman’s 67 Books project, in which various people read aloud from various books for 67 hours, or one for each hour the library is open this week.

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Opening this weekend

Maybe there’s more out there, but these two things are likely to keep you very busy — one for a very short period of time, the other for the next 10 days.

  • The latter of course, is PlayFest, the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays, at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center from Friday April 2 through Sunday April 11. You can find all the details at orlandoshakes.org.
  • And the former is the annual Pillowlando (I’m sorry — I just can’t do the all caps thing), Brian Feldman’s very large pillow fight. Here are details:

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Brian Feldman goes for happy

Here’s news of Brian Feldman’s next effort, set to unfold during 1st Thursday at the Orlando Museum of Art.

(Has anybody else noticed how swell the photos and posters for these events are? Credit Tisse Mallon and Edward Alan Feldman for this one, and most of them.)

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This weekend, Brian Feldman walks over YOU

A little more art for an art-filled weekend:

The sequel to last year’s sleepwalk. Don’t worry, this one’s not 50 hours. And this time, Brian sleepwalks over YOU!

Presented as part of the outsider art fair.

Performed by Brian Feldman • Produced by Katie Windish

If you’re attending the 51st Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, sleepwalk at the outsider art fair is a short 15 minute walk (1400 steps!) from Park Avenue.

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