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Dr. Phillips Center gets a boost (and aims to build a concert hall)

Artist's frendering of the Dr. Phillips Center

Davis Gaines, who’s on the board of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, forwarded me this email from Richard Russell, who’s in charge of raising the money to get the center built.

Some of it is from the favorable press the center got during last week’s groundbreaking. And some of it is more encouraging to fans of the project — that the center’s proponents are trying now to go ahead and raise the money to build the shell of the concert hall that will complete the project. That would make us fans of classical music, dance and opera very, very happy. Here’s Richard:

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A glimpse at ‘Guys and Dolls’

The Orlando Philharmonic’s David Whitfield took some great photos of the OPO/Mad Cow production of Guys and Dolls last week. Here are a bunch of them:

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And here’s more on ‘Guys and Dolls’ …

From Zac Alfson at Mad Cow Theatre comes the complete list of the principals for the October concert staging of Guys and Dolls, a collaboration with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra:

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Nolen, Knight-Hinson to be in ‘Guys and Dolls’

The entire cast still hasn’t been announced, but I hear that Philip Nolen is playing Nathan Detroit in the Mad Cow Theatre/Orlando Philharmonic concert staging of Guys and Dolls and that Michelle Knight-Hinson is playing the missionary doll Sarah Brown.

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Prince won’t be Adelaide in Orlando ‘Guys and Dolls’

I hear that Tony-winner Faith Prince has had to drop out of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra/Mad Cow Theatre concert staging of Guys and Dolls, which is set for Oct. 9 at Bob Carr. Prince was supposed to have co-starred with Davis Gaines in the show, as she did in Mad Cow/OPO’s exhilarating staging of Sweeney Todd last year.

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Theater auditions: Mad Cow ‘Company’ and Mad Cow/OPO ‘Guys and Dolls’

Here’s an audition notice for Mad Cow Theatre’s fall production of Company and the Mad Cow/Orlando Philharmonic fall concert staging of Guys and Dolls, which will star Davis Gaines as Sky Masterson and Tony winner Faith Prince as Miss Adelaide:

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