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Empty Spaces to turn production into community dialogue

Empty Spaces Theatre co. is using its next production, the controversial drama My Name is Rachel Corrie, to propel a community dialogue about the issues in this play about the death of a young American woman in the Gaza Strip.

Corrie was killed by an Israeli bulldozer while she was demonstrating for Palestinians  in 2003. Her death sparked more turmoil, and the play itself — written by actor-director Alan Rickman and Katherine Viner, based on Corrie’s writings — has proved to be wildly controversial.

Empty Spaces will present the play Feb. 24-28 and will feature talkbacks after each show. Here’s more:

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Dance auditions: Empty Spaces’ ‘Phantasmagoria’

Here’s an audition notice for dancers for Empty Spaces Theatre Co.’s October show:

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Theater review: ‘9 Parts of Desire’

One is a mother who has lost her daughter. One is a girl whose father has disappeared. One is a woman whose friend was raped and murdered. One is a doctor who has seen too much pain.

These are the stories of the women in 9 Parts of Desire, Heather Raffo’s extraordinary drama, which burrows into the hearts of nine Iraqi women as they try to carry on in a country ravaged by despots and mutilated by war. In an Empty Spaces Theatre Co. production, director John DiDonna and his cast don’t bring every one of Raffo’s characters into sharp focus. But as the women tell their stories, those stories come together to create a fabric of emotion – suffering, outrage, love, pride – that envelops them as surely as the scarves that cover their heads.

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Opening this week:

Here’s a look at what’s opening this week:

‘9 Parts of Desire,’ Empty Spaces:

The Empty Spaces Theatre Co is extremely proud to present the Central Florida premiere of Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts Of Desire.

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Theater review: ‘Bach at Leipzig’

Theater review: ‘Bach at Leipzig’
By Elizabeth Maupin

Mix high-toned subject matter with high-concept silliness, and you have one of two things – a Tom Stoppard play, or a play by somebody who’d like to be Tom Stoppard in his next life. (Wouldn’t we all?)

In the case of Bach at Leipzig, Empty Spaces Theatre Co.’s new production, what you have is a Stoppard wannabe: Itamar Moses, a young New York playwright whose efforts to be both erudite and antic misfires here.

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