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Part-time, year-round job available for Fringe

Here’s notice of a part-time, year-round job available from the Fringe Festival:

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Fringe Fest seeking outdoor vendors

Here’s your chance to find an audience for those perfect cupcakes or try out your cornbread recipe on a wider public The Orlando Fringe is still looking for vendors to ply their trade (edible or non-) on what producer Beth Marshall calls the Green Lawn of Fabulousness — the green space between Orlando Repertory Theatre and Orlando Museum of Art in Loch Haven Park.

Here’s more from the Fringe:

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Visual Fringe looking for artists (and arts-lovers)

Anna McCambridge-Thomas, who produces the annual, unjuried visual-arts show at the Orlando Fringe, is looking for artists to participate. If you sell your work, you get all the proceeds (although there’s an entrance fee to be part of the show). Drop-off dates are May 13 and 14. Here’s the whole story from the festival:

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Fringe performers can plug themselves at Hamburger Mary’s

Here’s a note from Doug Bowser:

Any actors/producers coming to Hamburger Mary Orlando Wednesday Night TRIVIA can have a few minutes at the microphone to plug their show at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. There are normally over 100 people at TRIVIA each week and they are a theater-going crowd. Stop by. 7.30pm with 2 for 1 cocktails all night.

Fringe needs volunteers, vendors, artists … and other stuff

Your (increasingly frequent) dose of Orlando Fringe news from Fringe producers (and it’s May 18-30, in case you hadn’t heard):

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Fringe show needs accompanist

Here’s a message from Melanie Gall about her show My Pal Izzy:

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Attention, Fringe performers

For all you folks who are about to do a show in the Orlando Fringe, listen up:

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Want to be a Fringe volunteer? Here’s how.

If you want to volunteer for the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, now’s your chance. Volunteer training begins Wednesday April 20. Beth Marshall tells you how to take part:

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Headshot session to benefit Fringe

Just in time for Fringe, photographer Kristen Wheeler is offering solo or company headshots — but you have to act quickly because the session is 2-7 p.m. Thursday April 14.

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Fringe promotes festival-related flash mob

Beth Marshall writes about a flash mob planned for May, as a way to promote the Fringe. The festival itself isn’t putting this one together, she says.

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Fringe venue has new grassroots sponsors

Here’s a little item that put a smile on my face:

The new sponsors of the Fringe’s green venue this year are the three biggest Fringe fans I know: Myron Blattner, Ed Anthony and David Horgan.

Myron Blattner

Just about everyone who spends time at Fringe knows that these three guys see and enjoy more shows than anybody else. (They have me beat, and last year I saw 50-some.)

So apparently they’ve pooled their cash to support the Fringe. I love it. Thanks, guys.

(I wish I had pictures of David and Ed, but they’re shy. Look for them at the Fringe.)

Theater auditions: Revised call for ‘Bitches of the Kingdom’

Here’s a revised audition notice for the Oops Guys’ Fringe show:

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Theater auditions: A Fringe show called ‘Onomatopoeia’

You don’t have to be able to spell it (although good spelling is always a leg up in my world), but here’s an audition announcement from Tara Corless for Onomatopoeia, a Fringe show. For more info, go to the show’s Facebook page:

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Theater auditions: ‘Supporting Cast’ for Fringe:

Here’s an audition notice for a Fringe play by Jamie Cline:

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Theater auditions: More auditions for ‘Once Upon a Pill’

Here’s notice from Jill Craddock of an extension for auditions for this Fringe show:

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Theater auditions: Fringe show

Here’s an audition notice for a Fringe show, Big Swinging Dicks:

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Theater auditions: ‘Beer: The Musical’ at Fringe

Here’s an audition notice for a Fringe show:

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Fab Fringe fundraiser coming up this month

Here are the first details I’ve seen on this year’s Fab Fringe Fundraiser, celebrating the upcoming 20th annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. A lot of this sounds like fun, especially Sak Comedy Lab’s 20-minute look at Fringes past. Check it out:

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Orlando Fringe needs you for its 20th-reunion photo

It’s the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival’s 20th anniversary this year. Some of us remember it when it was just a baby, and we remember when you didn’t have to put “Theatre” in its name because we all knew there was a whole lot of theater going on.

Anyway, the celebrations are already starting, and one of them is a so-called class picture to fit in with this year’s theme, which is the 20th high-school reunion.

The group photo is being shot at 4:30 p.m. Monday Feb. 7 in front of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park. Any Fringe fans are welcome.

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Hard Rock unveils fringe pin

The Hard Rock Cafe will unveil the winning design for its Orlando Fringe commemorative pin Feb. 15 at a public party, with free food and a cash bar. Find out the winner of the recent contest, and you’ll be able to prove your true Fringe fanaticism by ordering one for yourself. Here’s more:

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