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Ba’aser joins Klein in ‘Bar Star’

Just heard that Doug Ba’aser is stepping in for John Ryan in this weekend’s performance of Janine Klein: Gay Bar Star at the Parliament House.

Since the two are rather different, I’m thinking this will change the show a good deal. Let me know!

For tickets, go here.

Fromn the Fringe: ‘Janine Klein, Gay Bar Star’

Fringe review: Janine Klein: Gay Bar Star, John Ryan and His Divas, Orlando

By Elizabeth Maupin

Most gay icons are larger than life, and Janine Klein fits that bill.  Not that she’s physically bigger than the rest of us, but her gay-bar-star persona fills up the room. And that voice … well, let’s just say that, when she’s singing, Klein has no need of a mike.

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Opening this week

This week the big-deal event in Orlando theater is the Orlando Cabaret Festival, opening Friday night with New York singer K.T. Sullivan and a bunch of Orlandoans, including Kevin Kelly performing the songs of Maltby and Shire, the It-Was-A-Very-Good-Year singers and Cabaret House Party, the best open-mike night around.

But there’s other stuff going on, too, so read on:

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