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From the Fringe: ‘Annie Todd, the Demon Orphan of Fleet Street’

Fringe review: ‘Annie Todd: The Demon Orphan of Fleet Street,’ Greater Orlando Actors Theatre, Orlando.

By Elizabeth Maupin

The sun may not come up for Little Orphan Annie in Greater Orlando Actors Theatre’s Annie Todd, the Demon Orphan of Fleet Street. But co-writers David Strauss and Nicole Carson ought to be given something – a lifetime supply of Sondheim records? free mangy-dog kibble? – for their idea to cobble together Annie and Sweeney Todd, maybe the two most diametrically opposed musicals in musical-theater history. The result may not be genius, but it’s pretty funny, and it’s especially satisfying that everybody involved, from the dastardly characters to the paying audience, gets what they deserve.

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