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Ticket deal for ‘Noises Off’

The Athens Theatre in DeLand is offering a deal this week for the Sands Theater Company’s production of Noises Off.

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Theater auditions: ‘Noises Off’ in Melbourne:

Here’s an audition notice from Melbourne Civic Theatre:

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Theater auditions: ‘Noises Off’

Here’s an audition notice for another production of Noises Off, this one in DeLand:

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Theater review: ‘Noises Off’ at the Garden

Farce gets a bad rap.

For a lot of theatergoers, all you have to do is think of one of those dreadful British sex farces of the 1980s – Run for Your Wife, anyone? – and you can feel your IQ points dropping as the smarm level reaches record highs.

But farce doesn’t have to be that way. Farce can be sublime. And Michael Frayn’s Noises Off may be the sublimest of them all.

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Also opening this weekend:

Here’s another opening this weekend:

Moonlight Players, ‘Noises Off’:

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