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Orlando Improv Festival (the 2nd annual) set for September

The second annual Orlando Improv Festival is set for September, and the festival’s first fundraiser is coming up. Here’s everything you need to do know (for the moment, anyway):

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Want to see some improv …

… but you just can’t make yourself get dressed?

Try watching the Orlando Improv Festival tonight and Tuesday night right here. It’s streaming live from the Winter Park Playhouse.

Improv Fest sells one-day passes

The Orlando Improv Festival is on for Monday and Tuesday of next week, and now it’s selling one-night passes. Buy one (for $35) and you can see every show on one night — as many as seven shows for the price of, well, five or so.

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Improv Festival to hold a day of workshops

Note: These workshops will be at Neon Forest Gallery, 1741 S. Orange Ave., Orlando.

Aspiring improv comedians may want to take a lesson or two from the day of workshops to be held as part of the new Orlando Improv Festival Sept. 19.

The lineup for the workshop includes Atlanta’s Ian Covell (a founding member of Orlando’s late, lamented Them), Boston’s Will Luera, Seattle’s Jed Rose and Sak Comedy Lab’s Chris Dinger.

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Coming up: Red Chair, Shakespeare Gala, Improv Fest

It’s only the middle of July, but you ought to be filling up your calendar for August and September, when the arts season unofficially gets under way. (I hadn’t noticed it stopping for the summer, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, the self-proclaimed start of the arts season is the Red Chair Affair, set for Aug. 28. Then there’s the Orlando Shakespeare Theater Gala and the Orlando Improv Festival, both set for September. Here’s news about all three – first, Red Chair:

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Want to be part of the Orlando Improv Festival? Better hurry.

Applications are due Thursday if you want to be part of the Orlando Improv Festival, scheduled for Sept. 20 and 21. Here’s what you need to do:

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Space still available in Orlando Improv Festival

There’s still room for two more improv groups in the upcoming Orlando Improv Festival, scheduled for Sept. 19-21. Here’s the lineup so far:

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Orlando Improv Fest seeks improv-ers

The Orlando Improv Festival, which is happening Sept. 20 and 21 at Breakthrough Theatre, is taking applications for improvisers. If you apply by June 1, it’ll cost you $20; if you wait and apply between then and July 1, it’ll cost you $35.

There are already a bunch of groups signed up — and most of ’em are really good people. Here’s a list:

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Improv Festival presents a workshop on … improv

The newcomer festival in town, the Orlando Improv Festival, presents a workshop with an intriguing name, “Introduction to the Harold.”

This is not an introduction to your elderly uncle or anything like that — and you have to be an experienced improviser to participate in this intro to a specific kind of long-form improv. It’s taught by Mike Carr, and here are the details:

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