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Fringe announces all kinds of things

Seems like the Fringe just ended, but general manager George Wallace has all kinds of stuff, small and large, planned for future months — fundraisers, happy hours and so on. The Fringe lottery will be held in November, with artist applications available Sept. 1. And the Fringe is hot on the trail of a new executive producer. George tells you all about that and more, so keep reading:

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More on Patrons’ Picks:

We now have three Patrons’ Picks announced for the Fringe. Here are the shows and the times for their additional performance Monday May 30:

  • Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, 11:30 a.m., green venue
  • My Monster, 2:30 p.m., blue venue
  • Bitches of the Kingdom!, 8:30 p.m., orange venue

Tickets for Bitches of the Kingdom! are on sale at orlandofringe.org, and tickets to the other two shows are supposed to be on sale by 10 a.m. Friday May 27.

Another Patrons’ Pick …

'Dog Powered Robot' (photo by Kristen Wheeler, KHphotographics)

This just in (I love to say that):

Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future is Patrons’ Pick in the green venue and will have an extra performance Monday May 30. No word yet on the time of that performance. I’ll let you know.

At Fringe: And the Patrons’ Picks’ are …

Brittany Berkowitz LeNoir in 'Bitches of the Kingdom!'

Well, the first one, anyway, and it’s no surprise. The Oops Guys’ Bitches of the Kingdom! has won the Patrons’ Pick Award in the orange venue.

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More Fringe reviews online

Just a note to say that I’ve posted 34 Fringe reviews online. If you want to read them, look to the right-hand column of this site and click on the title you want. Happy reading!

Wednesday’s news from the Fringe

Fringe is in full swing, with what seem like hordes of theatergoers descending on Loch Haven Park every night. So here’s a compendium of Fringe news from the festival’s George Wallace, beginning with a list of shows that have had sold-out performances. If you’re planning to go to one of these shows, or any other, get your tickets early! They’re available online or at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center and Orlando Repertory Theatre in Loch Haven Park.

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Looking for Fringe reviews? They’re here.

For those of you who subscribe to this blog, I realized over the weekend that my Fringe reviews aren’t coming to you in the normal way. It’s not interesting enough to explain in full, but the technicalities of the website don’t allow for the email that should be coming to you when I post each new review.

So if you’re interested in reading my Fringe reviews (there are 19 there now, and six or seven more to come before the end of the day), just go to my home page and look down the column on the right-hand side. You’ll see all the Fringe reviews listed there. Happy reading!

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Fringe still needs volunteers

The Fringe may be in full force tonight, but volunteer coordinator Jackie Martinez still needs help. Here’s a note from her with a list of volunteer slots to be filled:

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Visual Fringe to display more than 100 pieces of art

Visual Fringe, the visual-art aspect of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, has been installed and will open Wednesday night with 128 works of art, most of them for sale. The exhibit will be in and around the Patrons’ Room at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park.

Here’s a brief explanation of Visual Fringe, followed by a list of the artwork for sale:

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Weekly offers ads for Fringe artists

Hollie Mahadeo from Orlando Weekly writes that the paper is offering cheap(ish) ads for Fringe artists. Here’s her message:

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The Fringe waxes poetic

Fringe fans who appreciate the word — and don’t we all? — may have already made the acquaintance of the festival’s poetry offerings. (It’s hard to sit in the beer tent on a Saturday night and not be part of the proceedings.)

But for those of you who may have missed it, here’s a guide to the Fringe’s poetry circuit — the Poetry Smackdown, the Toast-Off and the Fringe Poetry Vending Machine. The description comes from Tod Caviness, my friend and former Sentinel colleague, who makes much of this happen:

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Part-time, year-round job available for Fringe

Here’s notice of a part-time, year-round job available from the Fringe Festival:

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Fringe Fest seeking outdoor vendors

Here’s your chance to find an audience for those perfect cupcakes or try out your cornbread recipe on a wider public The Orlando Fringe is still looking for vendors to ply their trade (edible or non-) on what producer Beth Marshall calls the Green Lawn of Fabulousness — the green space between Orlando Repertory Theatre and Orlando Museum of Art in Loch Haven Park.

Here’s more from the Fringe:

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Visual Fringe looking for artists (and arts-lovers)

Anna McCambridge-Thomas, who produces the annual, unjuried visual-arts show at the Orlando Fringe, is looking for artists to participate. If you sell your work, you get all the proceeds (although there’s an entrance fee to be part of the show). Drop-off dates are May 13 and 14. Here’s the whole story from the festival:

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Fringe performers can plug themselves at Hamburger Mary’s

Here’s a note from Doug Bowser:

Any actors/producers coming to Hamburger Mary Orlando Wednesday Night TRIVIA can have a few minutes at the microphone to plug their show at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. There are normally over 100 people at TRIVIA each week and they are a theater-going crowd. Stop by. 7.30pm with 2 for 1 cocktails all night.

Fringe needs volunteers, vendors, artists … and other stuff

Your (increasingly frequent) dose of Orlando Fringe news from Fringe producers (and it’s May 18-30, in case you hadn’t heard):

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Fringe show needs accompanist

Here’s a message from Melanie Gall about her show My Pal Izzy:

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Attention, Fringe performers

For all you folks who are about to do a show in the Orlando Fringe, listen up:

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Want to be a Fringe volunteer? Here’s how.

If you want to volunteer for the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, now’s your chance. Volunteer training begins Wednesday April 20. Beth Marshall tells you how to take part:

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Orlando Fringe tickets now on sale

Last night’s Fringe Preview show raised $9,100 — more than $3,000 more than the festival expected — and gave some patrons a taste of what’s to come May 19-30.

For them, and for those of us who stay away so we’ll be surprised in May, Fringe tickets are now on sale. You can get them at the (still hard to read after all these years) Fringe website. Or you can read about the shows here and then go on to the Fringe website to make your purchases. I recommend the latter.