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Seminole State student receives award honoring Paul Wegman

Amy Blaker

Amy Blaker, a student at Seminole State College, has been given the first Paul M. Wegman Scholarship from Seminole State. The award honors the beloved actor Paul Wegman and also the beloved director Sara Daspin, who was Paul’s mentor and helped set up this scholarship.

Wegman died of AIDS in 2004. Daspin, the longtime head of the theater program at what was then Seminole Community College, died of cancer in 2008.

Here’s the full information on the new award:

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Paul M. Wegman scholarship to be awarded

Here’s an announcement from Paul Luby, at Seminole State College, that has touched me for two reasons. Seminole State’s theater department plans to award the first Paul M. Wegman Scholarship before the curtain rises on Seven Guitars Saturday night, Feb. 5.

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Paul Wegman film to be shown during Gay Days

A tribute to the late Orlando actor Paul Wegman will be shown free this weekend as part of Gay Days at the Parliament House. To be screened along it will be the comedy short A Day in the Life of Miss Sammy.

Here’s the news from Michael Wanzie:

Miss P To Be Remembered During Gay Days

Miss Sammy Comedy to be Included in Double Feature Movie Nights at PH

Wanzie Presents double feature – free movies at the Parliament House:

I am pleased to announce that on Gay Day Friday and Gay Day Saturday, both the award-winning documentary Paul Wegman: A Tribute and the award-winning comedy short A Day in the Life of Miss Sammy will be presented as a good old-fashioned double feature bill on June 4 and June 5, 2010 at 8PM in the Footlight Theatre at the Parliament House Resort.

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