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PlayFest submission deadline is coming up

Just a reminder that the deadline is fast approaching for this fall’s PlayFest 2.0 at Orlando Shakespeare Theater. It’s a new, shortened version of the new-play festival, and here, once again, are the submission guidelines:

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PlayFest 2.0 looking for submissions

A new, shortened version of Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s PlayFest — scheduled for Nov. 3-6 of this year — is seeking submissions. Here are the guidelines:

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PlayFest titles announced

As auditions continue today for Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s PlayFest, I was curious about the names of the scripts we’ll be hearing. So here’s a rundown on what’s coming to PlayFest this April:

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Theater auditions: PlayFest at Orlando Shakes

Here’s the audition notice for PlayFest:

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Are you a friend of PlayFest? Prove it.

Patrick Flick sends along a way to help out Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s PlayFest and the National New Play Network, which develops new plays for regional theaters across the country.

Here’s your chance to win big, help PlayFest, the National New Play Network and Orlando Shakespeare Theater!

The National New Play Network (of which Orlando Shakes is a member) is holding a raffle for a $10,000 airline pass on American Airlines!  These are not “air miles” but an actual $10,000 account you can use in any combination you like, to go anywhere American flies.  Tickets are $50 each and there will only be a maximum of 1300 tickets sold by NNPN member theatres.  You also will receive free tickets to any NNPN member theatre you may choose to visit on your travels!

To purchase a ticket (or tickets) simply go to http://www.facebook.com/l/9744f;www.nnpn.org, and click on the “Donate” button in the lower right-hand corner.  This will take you to NNPN’s PayPal site.  Use your credit card on this safe site to make your donation, which will translate into your raffle ticket.  Tickets are $50 each; so make a donation based on the number of tickets you would like.  IN the instructions to seller, MAKE SURE you type “ORLANDO SHAKESPEARE THEATER” (to ensure Orlando Shakes is credited).  Only type those three aforementioned words.

Your donation is tax-deductible and will be going towards a worthy cause – new play development!  Proceeds are split between NNPN and Orlando Shakes.  The drawing will be held on June 12 at NNPN’s annual convening.  The winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

Once you have made your contribution, please inform me via email as well at patrickf@orlandoshakes.org.  Thanks and Good Luck!

From PlayFest: Kelly Younger on ‘Once a Marine’

A little Q&A with playwright Kelly Younger, whose play Once a Marine will get another reading at PlayFest Sunday:

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From PlayFest: David Davalos on ‘Daedalus’

Here’s a brief Q&A with playwright David Davalos on his play Daedalus, at PlayFest Sunday:

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From PlayFest: Reina Hardy on ‘Glassheart’

Here’s a brief Q&A with playwright Reina Hardy on her play Glassheart, a modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast with some very unforeseen consequences. A little biographical info follows.

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PlayFest keeps on keeping on through Sunday

PlayFest continues at Orlando Shakespeare Theater through the weekend, with one reading and one full performance tonight and multiple things to do Friday and over the weekend.

I’ve seen many of these and have been thrilled by a few. Here’s a rundown, along with info on where to go and how to get tickets:

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From PlayFest: Scott Bibb & Jerry Rice on ‘Citizen Eve’

Here’s a short Q&A with Scott Bibb and Jerry Rice, the authors of Citizen Eve, at PlayFest:

What’s your play about, in a couple of sentences?

Equal parts fact and fantasy, Hollywood drama and supernatural comedy, Citizen Eve looks into the thistly hearts of the complex men and women behind one of the most beloved and celebrated Continue reading

From PlayFest: Jordan Seavey on ‘The Truth Will Out’

A short Q&A with playwright Jordan Seavey on his new play The Truth Will Out. Some biographical info follows:

What’s your play about, in a couple of sentences?

The Truth Will Out tells two tales that intertwine in unexpected ways: the story of a closeted gay celebrity cable news journalist/personality and the story of an out gay fourteen old boy who is murdered by a male classmate after asking said classmate to be his valentine (inspired by the real life murder of Lawrence King in 2008).  Continue reading

From PlayFest: Margaret Baldwin on ‘Night Blooms’

Here’s a short Q&A with playwright Margaret Baldwin on her play Night Blooms:

What’s the play about?

Two families – one white and one black – cope with change in Selma in 1965. Night Blooms is set on the first day of the historic march on Montgomery, when an unexpected Continue reading

Casts announced for Play-in-a-Day

Tonight is Play-in-a-Day, the annual rush to the stage in which writers write, directors direct and then actors act the results of 24 hours of frenzy. Names were drawn and themes and genres assigned yesterday afternoon at PlayFest, where the final product will turn up tonight (Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 7 p.m., $5 as a benefit for PlayFest). Here are the lineups:

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From PlayFest: David MacGregor on ‘Vino Veritas’

Here’s playwright David MacGregor on his play Vino Veritas, followed by some biographical info:

What’s your play about, in a couple of sentences?

Vino Veritas is a dark comedy about two couples who get together on Halloween night and share a ceremonial wine brewed from the skins of blue dart tree frogs in Peru.  Under the influence of this tribal truth serum, they share a night of unbridled honesty that stretches the bounds of their marriages and friendship forever.

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From PlayFest: Len Jenkin on ‘Time in Kafka’

Here’s a Q&A with playwright Len Jenkin, followed by a little biographical info:

What’s your play about, in a couple of sentences?

The play is about an assistant professor at a small American college, idealistic, passionate,  and then fired — who has a dream that Kafka left the manuscript of an unknown novel he wrote at a sanatorium on Lake Garda in Italy. He follows that mad dream, goes there to find it, and in the process, slips back in time into a familiar yet very different world  … His wife pursues him, trying to find him … It’s play about love, literature, dreams/obsessions, and Kafka …

What was the impetus that made you want to write it?

My deep and abiding interest in Kafka,  his work and his life — to explore the idea of travel in time –the idea of writing something with a largely European setting (which I’ve never done before) — and to write a love story — the story of an obsession — and a mystery …

Has it been produced anywhere else?


What do you hope to get out of its inclusion in PlayFest?

I hope to learn from what the wonderful director, David Lee (who has done great productions of my work in the past) will bring to the play and discover in it — to learn from the work of the actors — and to learn from the response of the audience. And I’m looking forward to simply hearing the play hit the air for the first time — to see for myself how it works and what it feels like off the page.

Len Jenkin’s plays include Margo Veil, Dark Ride, Pilgrims of The Night, Careless Love, My Uncle Sam, Limbo Tales and Like I Say. His works for the stage, often directed by him, have been produced throughout the United States, as well as in England, France, Germany and Japan.  His films include Blame It on the Night, Welcome to Oblivion, and American Notes. His novel N Judah is currently available in bookstores and on the web at lenjenkin.com.

His adaptations for the stage include Voltaire’s Candide (Guthrie Theater, Minn.), Aristophanes’ The Birds (Yale Repertory Theater, New Haven), and Kafka’s A Country Doctor (Classic Stage Company, NY).

He has received many honors and awards, including three Obie awards for Directing and Playwriting, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rockefeller Foundation Award, a nomination for an Emmy Award, and four National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships. Mr. Jenkin holds a PhD in American Literature from Columbia University. He’s a professor in the dramatic writing department, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

From PlayFest: Zack Calhoon on ‘The Weird Sisters’

Here’s playwright Zack Calhoon on his play The Weird Sisters, followed by some biographical info:

What’s your play about, in a couple of sentences?

The Weird Sisters is an origin story or prequel to William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth that focuses on the witches: who they are, where they came from, and why they chose to curse Scotland.

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A talk with Philip Seymour Hoffman

Here’s my interview with director/actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who will be the keynote speaker at PlayFest on Saturday April 10. He’ll appear in a Q&A format with Jim Helsinger, artistic director of Orlando Shakespeare Theater, which produces PlayFest.

The story is running in the Orlando Sentinel’s Calendar section Friday April 2.

By Elizabeth Maupin
Special to the Sentinel

Philip Seymour Hoffman may be agreeable in all respects but one: If you suggest, or if he thinks you have suggested, that he lives to make movies.

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Opening this weekend

Maybe there’s more out there, but these two things are likely to keep you very busy — one for a very short period of time, the other for the next 10 days.

  • The latter of course, is PlayFest, the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays, at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center from Friday April 2 through Sunday April 11. You can find all the details at orlandoshakes.org.
  • And the former is the annual Pillowlando (I’m sorry — I just can’t do the all caps thing), Brian Feldman’s very large pillow fight. Here are details:

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Play-in-a-Day announces writers, directors, casts

Time again, just about, for Play-in-a-Day, that annual fright night when local writers create short plays, hand them over to directors and, less than 24 hours later, see them enacted by local actors — all on a stage at Orlando Shakespeare to raise money for PlayFest, the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays.

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From PlayFest: Steven Christopher Yockey on ‘Heavier Than’

Here’s the first of a continuing series on the playwrights of the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays, at Orlando Shakespeare Theater, and what they’re bringing to the festival in the next 10 days. First up, Steven Christopher Yockey on Heavier Than.

Directed by Patrick Flick, Heavier Than will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Friday April 2, 8:30 p.m. Saturday April 3, 3:30 p.m. Saturday April 10 and 6 p.m. Sunday April 11 at Lowndes Shakespeare Center. Tickets are $10.

Here’s a Q&A, followed by some biographical info from the playwright:

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