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Play the Moment wants you away from that keyboard

I know I’m not the only one who spends too much time on Facebook, so lots of you may be interested in Play the Moment’s round of discussions next weekend, all of which are devoted to how Facebook interacts with our lives in the arts.

As a precursor to a show called Project F (F stands for Facebook), which is now scheduled for January 2011, Play the Moment is presenting a trio of programs about Orlando artists and creative types and, not so incidentally, how they relate to Facebook. The results will go into the making of Project F.

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Opening this week

Lots going on this week, including the Tony Awards on CBS Sunday night. Here’s a look at what’s happening closer to home:

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More on the mysterious ‘Project: F’

Yesterday I ran an audition notice for Project: F, a theater project spearheaded by Aradhana Tiwari and others. Here’s more info on what exactly it is:

Orlando performance art company brings Facebook to the stage

Orlando company Play the Moment Productions will debut its newest devised piece, Project: F, June 11 through June 20 at Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

There is an era that future generations will refer to as “B.F.”: Before Facebook.

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Theater auditions: Play the Moment’s ‘Project: F’

Here’s an audition notice for Project: F, a process-oriented show based on social networking:

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