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Postcard from Broadway: ‘Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo’

By Elizabeth Maupin
Elizabeth Maupin on Theater

Robin Williams in 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.' Photo by Carol Rosegg.

As long as storytellers have existed, they have told us that war is hell.

But few have told us from such a remarkable perspective as Rajiv Joseph, the playwright whose darkly comic drama Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo depicts war through the eyes of a majestic but dead tiger played by Robin Williams, along with an Iraqi gardener, two American soldiers and the playboy psychopath Uday Hussein.

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Nine plays you shouldn’t miss

Robin Williams, Brad Fleischer and Glenn Davis in Rajiv Joseph's 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.' (Carol Rosegg)

It’s been all Fringe, all the time here lately, so here’s something completely different.

Two theater professors from my college, Nora Hussey and Melinda Lopez, have put together a list of nine plays that theater-lovers should not miss — a bucket list for theater-lovers. It’s an interesting list — some obvious, some not so much.

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