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Opening this week:

Here’s a look at what’s opening this week:

‘9 Parts of Desire,’ Empty Spaces:

The Empty Spaces Theatre Co is extremely proud to present the Central Florida premiere of Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts Of Desire.

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Another Fringe show makes a comeback

Viet Nguyen’s haunting Fringe piece, Reincarnation Soup, comes back to life for two weekends at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center:

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Best of the Fest, updated for Thursday 5/27:

Here’s my updated version of the Best of the Fest, with the addition of Oddlie:

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Here they are: The Best of the Fest

Around Wednesday of Fringe week is a good time to go for superlatives, so here I am with mine. Here’s my first annual Best of the Fest list — the best shows I’ve seen so far (with an addition from my co-critic Dean Johnson). These are don’t-miss shows, and I suspect there may be more to come during the Fringe’s final days. Keep a lookout.

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From the Fringe: ‘Reincarnation Soup’

Fringe review: ‘Reincarnation Soup,’ Viet Nguyen, Orlando

By Elizabeth Maupin

Myth and culture that are strange to most of us make up the meat of Reincarnation Soup, Viet Nguyen’s gorgeous homage to his ancestral Vietnam. In this solo show, an entire stage full of people wait in a sort of purgatory between birth and death – or reincarnation – and each tells of his or her life, of disappointments and of hopes.

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