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Patrons’ Picks: Here are all of them

I’m a little late to the party: Many of these Patrons’ Picks were announced yesterday, when I was at the Fringe all day and night and couldn’t get to my computer to post them.

For those of you who don’t know, the Patrons’ Picks shows at the Fringe are those that sold the most tickets in their respective venues and are awarded a final show on Monday, Memorial Day, before they pack up for next year.

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From the Fringe: ‘Tod Kimbro: Robots Stole My Piano’

Fringe review: ‘Tod Kimbro: Robots Stole My Piano,’ Tod Kimbro, Orlando

By Elizabeth Maupin

Seems like Tod Kimbro can do anything, at least where music is involved. He can sound amazingly like Elton John, then turn around and sound astonishingly like Billy Joel (and I know they’re not the same person because one is bald and the other has a wig). Then he’ll play something by the Beatles, then something by somebody I’ve only barely heard of, then something from one of his own shows – and all of it sounds pretty damn swell.

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