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More about the theater potluck

OK, this is really embarrassing. My goal is to get all you theater people to come to the theater potluck from 7 to 10 p.m. Sunday March 21 — that’s a week from Sunday — at Orlando Rep.

The catch is it’s become a thing that’s supposed to celebrate me. (And I hate this picture. I’m sorry, but I do.)

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It’s getting to be theater-potluck time

Remember that we were supposed to have a theater potluck a month or so ago, and it had to be canceled at the last minute?

Well, here’s the new time and place (well, it’s the same place): 7 p.m. Sunday March 21 at Orlando Rep.

The deal is that everybody brings s dish, and we have plenty of time to mix and mingle. There are drinks for sale, so just pull together a dish (or pick one up at your favorite takeout place).

Questions? Just ask. And if you want to say what you’re bringing here, that’d be good too.  I’m partial to brownies myself.