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Help your favorite arts group through ‘The Arts Matter’ campaign

Want to raise money for your favorite arts group? Vote for it through United Arts The Arts Matter! campaign, which begins at 8 a.m. today (Wednesday, June 1) and continues through Tuesday June 14.

Here’s how to play:

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Here’s how to help your local arts groups

If you can type, you can vote to help United Arts of Central Florida win one of those big-deal grants — $500,000, to be exact — from Chase Community Giving.

Half a million dollars would go a long way to help Central Florida’s arts groups. So vote now. It’s easy if you just follow these instructions:

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Tell our legislature what you think

Now’s the time — and I mean now — to tell your state legislators what you think about funding the arts. Listen to United Arts of Central Florida and the Florida Cultural Alliance:

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United Arts wants you to talk to your (new) Congressperson

As of this week, most of us have new representatives in Congress, and United Arts thinks it’s never too early to try to twist their arms. Here’s how:

Help Educate the Largest Congressional Freshman Class in Decades About THE ARTS!

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Call yourself an artist? There’s grant funding for you …

It’s time to apply for United Arts’ individual artist grants, which are available for artists in literature, media, performing arts and visual arts, as well as for arts administrators. The deadline for applications is Nov. 4.

These awards tend to go to non-performers. But theater folks, dancers and so on are allowed to use the money to attend workshops and seminars, among other things. Think about how a grant could help you in your career.

United Arts is also offering a couple of workshops to help you through the application process. Here are all the details:

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Art-show proceeds to help out United Arts

Here’s a way to help out United Arts: Check out the art show called Seed the Forest, scheduled for Saturday night at Neon Forest Gallery on South Orange Avenue, between Miller and Kaley streets.

Raffle tickets will enter you in a drawing to win free artwork from the local artists in the show — and a portion of the proceeds go to United Arts.

Here’s more:

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The arts matter, right?

I suspect that if you’re reading this, you already know the arts matter. But the arts community hasn’t always made that message clear to the world, and now United Arts of Central Florida is taking a step to correct that problem.

In the new Arts Matter campaign, United Arts wants the general public to talk about why the arts matter to them. Check out the web site, and let us all know why the arts matter to you.

United Arts hosts cultural-leaders meeting

Here’s an invitation from United Arts of Central Florida:

Advance. Listen.  Inspire. Grow. Nurture.

United Arts of Central Florida invites you to a semi-annual gathering of Central Florida’s cultural leaders. Focused around advocacy and awareness for the arts, this meeting follows up on myregion.org‘s economic impact study and is an opportunity for local arts councils, organizations and artists to come together to discuss common issues.

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Talk to your legislators. Now.

The good people of Florida’s state legislature (well, I assume they’re good but I am often persuaded otherwise) are trying to gut the state arts budget yet again. Here’s how to fight it:

Grants job available at United Arts

Here’s a job posting that might be good for somebody who loves the arts:

United Arts of Central Florida, Inc.
Job Opening
Job Title: Grants & Government Affairs Coordinator
Reports To: President & CEO, VP of Administration & CFO
Salary Range: $25,000- $35,000 per year
FLSA Status: Full Time (40 hours/week), exempt, full benefits
Supervisory: None
Application Deadline: Sunday, March 21, 2010.

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