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Theater auditions: ‘Xanadu’ at Pointe Performing Arts

Here’s a brief audition notice from FantasyLand Theatrical for its production of Xanadu at Pointe Performing Arts Center on International Drive:

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FantasyLand schedules ‘Xanadu’ for I Drive

FantasyLand Theatrical, which has been producing theater at Pointe Orlando on International Drive since last August, has gotten the rights to produce the 2007 hit musical Xanadu — the one about the roller-skating Greek muse. The show will open in April.

Xanadu replaces Side Show, the 1997 musical about a pair of Siamese twins who work as a carnival act, on FantasyLand’s 2010-2011 schedule. The group says it will push Side Show back to January 2012.

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Theater review: ‘Xanadu’

Theater review: ‘Xanadu’

By Elizabeth Maupin
Elizabeth Maupin on Theater

Xanadu, the Broadway musical, is nothing if not self-aware.

The people behind Xanadu know that it’s based on one of the kitschiest movies of all time, the 1980 movie-musical turkey that starred Olivia Newton-John and an aging Gene Kelly and tried to ride a craze – roller disco – that had already peaked and tanked.

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Meet cast members of ‘Xanadu’

It’s “Discover Broadway” day at Barnes & Noble this week, when some of the cast members of the Xanadu tour will be hanging out to answer your questions and show you their spiky haircuts.

The time is 5-6 p.m. Thursday at the Barnes & Noble at 2418 E. Colonial Drive. Xanadu is at Bob Carr through Sunday night.

Tickets on sale today for ‘Xanadu’ tour

It’s cult-musical time coming up at Bob Carr, where Xanadu hits the stage April 27. Tickets go on sale today for Douglas Carter Beane’s take on the notoriously awful 198o post-disco roller-skating movie, which starred Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John. The stage version may be considerably more fun:

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