In memoriam

A list of all those in the Central Florida theater community whom we’ve lost.

Randall Wreghitt, 2011
Jan Peterson, 2011
Michael Hall, 2011
Kip Watson, 2011
Alice Byrd, 2011
Rob Morrisroe, 2011
Kate Singleton, 2010
Patti Heenie, 2010
Anne Walker, 2010
Terry Newby, 2010
Joseph Pinckney, 2010
Skip Shulte, 2010
Dave Young, 2010
Joe Erwin, 2010
Julia Vatter, 2009
John Goring, 2009
Emily Dowdy, 2009
Bob Niemyer, 2009
Bruce Bowes, 2009
Paddy Blackwood, 2009
Peni Lotoza, 2009
Mark Priest, 2009
Mark Howard, 2009
Michael McLane, 2008
Sara Z. Daspin, 2008
Debbie Dean, 2008
Joe Monserrat, 2008
Jan Perez 2008
Susan Camlin, 2008
Walter Windsor, 2008
Larry Tackett, 2007
Bryan Hayes, 2007
Patrick Clark, 2007
Lowell Fenner, 2006
Tom Begley, 2006
Bryant Simms, 2005
Paul Wegman, 2004
Violet Currie, 2004
Jason Opsahl, 2002
Sumner Rand, 2002
John McCombs, 2001
Bob Bogdanoff, 2001
Robert Strow 1999
James Cali, 1996
Ray Clickner, 1996
Russ Oleson, 1995
Ted Mansfield, 1993
J. Paul Manenti, 1993
Burdett Bullock, 1993
Leonard Conner, 1992
Roger Dumas, 1989

f you know of others who have died, please let me know.

3 responses to “In memoriam

  1. Theresa Clickner

    Hi —

    You have a question mark after Ray Clickner, 1996. The year is correct.

    thank you,
    Theresa (daughter)

  2. Theresa Clickner

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I used to spend summers with my dad when I was in high school and college, and spent time with a lot of theater friends and family. The best summer of my life was when I went with him to all the rehearsals and performances of “Man of La Mancha” at Rollins College (mid-70s). Such great memories.

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