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Listen in

I’ll be on Jeremy Seghers’s radio show on WPRK (91.5) today from noon to 1. The talk will be about theater (I hope). Check it out.

From the Fringe: ‘Creative Mind Experiment’

Fringe review: ‘Creative Mind Experiment,’ Jessica Mariko and Linda Eve Elchak, Orlando

By Elizabeth Maupin

There really is something for everybody (and a few things that mean nothing to most of us) in Creative Mind Experiment, Jessica Mariko and Linda Eve Elchak’s show-that-isn’t-a-show, which is different every time you go. Mariko and Elchak asked a lot of Orlando creative types to listen to a 3-minute piece of music and create a piece based on it. The results are wildly different, certainly creative and occasionally top-notch.

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